Diamond Education

 Larson Jewelers Eye-Clean Quality

Larson Jewelers only sell diamonds that meet our eye-clean standards.  Eye-Clean is a term that describes a diamond where its inclusions and color cannot be seen with the naked eye.  This means that you can select a diamond with a slightly lower clarity and color grade that still appears brilliant at a much lower price.  By doing this you can opt to purchase a larger diamond on a smaller budget.  Your diamond will be at least SI3 or better in terms of clarity, and at least I in terms of color.

About the Four C's
The 4Cs of diamond quality is globally accepted as the universal method for determining the quality of any diamond on Earth.  The 4Cs are used by diamond buyers that want to know exactly what kind of diamond they are purchasing.
Clarity of a diamond ring
A diamond’s clarity is how we measure the number of very small imperfections that are present in all diamonds.  Most of these minuscule imperfections do not affect the diamonds beauty.  Larson Jewelers sell diamonds with a clarity of SI3, or better.  This ensures that the diamond you are buying is “eye-clean”, meaning that there are no flaws visible to the naked eye. 
 Different cuts of a diamond
How a diamond is cut determines how brilliant it reflects light.  The better the cut, the better a diamond reflects light.  We only sell diamond with cut grades of "good" "or very good".  Any cuts with lower quality would not give a diamond it’s proper brilliance.
 Different carat weights of diamonds
Carat refers to the actual weight of a diamond. Carat correlates to the size of a diamond. As you increase a diamonds weight the width of the diamond increases. We offer a range of diamond sizes for you to choose from.
 Different color grades of a diamond
When discussing a diamonds color grade we are actually measuring the lack of color in a diamond.  The highest grade (D) refers to a diamond that is completely colorless.  However, there are many grades that, to the naked eye, appear colorless.  We only sell diamonds with color grades of (I) or better.  This lets you know that your diamond will appear colorless, while ensuring that you will not break your budget.

About Shape
While round cut is still the most popular diamond shape, there are many different shapes that you can choose.  Below is a chart showcasing the most popular diamond shapes in the industry.

Top down view of the different cuts for a diamond

About Clarity Enhanced Diamonds
A CE diamond (Clarity Enhanced) is a 100% genuine natural diamond that is mined from the ground like a normal diamond.  The enhancing process seeks to correct small internal blemishes and tiny surface reaching cracks that all diamonds possess to a certain grade.  Clarity enhanced diamonds are much lower in price than non-enhanced diamonds, but allow for you to have a larger and clearer diamond at a much more affordable price.

About Moissanite 
Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide that is popularly used as a natural diamond alternative.  With a highly comparable appearance to normal diamonds, Moissanite possesses some superior optical properties when compared to diamonds. Moissanite is much lower in price than natural diamonds and known for having much less exploitative mining to obtain them as well.


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