Tungsten vs. Titanium

Which is harder: Tungsten or Titanium?

Tungsten is much harder than titanium, with a ranking about 3 levels above titanium on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

 Name Tungsten  Titanium 
Atomic Number
 Color  silvery grey-white metallic
silvery grey-white metallic
 Example  polished tungsten ring  polished titanium ring
 Hardness Number  9/10  6/10
 Melting Point  6192 °F 3034 °
 Boiling Point  10,706 °F
‚Äč5949 °F 
 Electrical resistivity  52.8 nΩ·m (at 20 °C)
420 nΩ·m (at 20 °C) 

Both tungsten and titanium have redeemable qualities that anyone seeking to purchase a ring should consider.  Tungsten is known for it's extreme scratch resistance, very high melting point and dark grey/gunmetal appearance.  Titanium is very lightweight, ductile and generally cheaper than tungsten rings depending on style and manufacturer.