About Tungsten Wood Rings

Larson Jewelers offers a wide selection of tungsten wood rings.  All of the rings you will find here are made with 100% authentic hardwood's and exotic woods.  You can find tungsten rings made with koa wood, zebra wood, ash wood & many more.  All of our tungsten rings are made with sustainable wood, including our koa wood tungsten rings.  Wood is one of the oldest substances that has been used in jewelry making for centuries.  We specialize in combining these beautiful woods with modern metals like tungsten carbide.  Our goal was to create unique rings that are not only beautiful but durable as well.  These tungsten wood rings offer much more scratch resistance over rings made out of 100% wood.  This way you can enjoy your tungsten wood ring forever.

Teak Wood Rings:  Teak trees dominate mixed hardwood forests.  Teak trees have small fragrant white flowers and papery leaves.  Teak wood also has a very leathery smell, especially when it is freshly cut.  Above everything teak wood is known for its durability and water resistance. 

Black Cherry Rings:
  This beautiful tree is common to North America.  The black cherry tree can be found from eastern Canada through southern Quebec and even Ontario.  This tree can also be found in the eastern United States in areas like Texas and Florida.  

Mahogany Wood Tungsten Rings:  This beautiful wood is prized for its beauty, durability and color.  Peru is the leading exporter of mahogany wood after Brazil banned mahogany exports.  Mahogany has a fine and even grain that runs straight through the wood.  It usually is relatively  free of any pockets or voids.

Padauk Tungsten Wood Rings:  Paduak wood is a very sought after species among woodworkers.  This beautiful wood is renowned for its bright red coloring.  Padauk is often mistaken for redwood.

Rose Wood Tungsten Rings:
  This beautiful wood has a very prominent sweet scent, which helps explain the term rosewood.  The most common rosewood is Brazilian Rosewood which is used often for making guitars and other fine items.  All rosewoods are heavy and very strong woods which is why they are so often used for luxury flooring.

Sapele Wood Tungsten Rings:  Sapele wood is very elegant and is protected from being cut down in numerous countries around the world.  The commercially important wood is reminiscent of mahogany, a member of the same family, with a distinctive figure, typically applied where figure is important.

Ash Wood Tungsten Rings:
  Ash wood is a gorgeous lighter colored wood that very strong but elastic in nature.  Ash wood is used extensively for making bowstool handles, baseball batshurleys and other uses demanding high strength and resilience.

Koa Wood Tungsten Rings:  Koa wood is a magnificent wood that is mainly populated on the islands of HawaiiMaui and Oʻahu. Its name in the Hawaiian languagekoa, also means brave, bold, fearless, or warrior.