Buying a Men's Tungsten Carbide Ring

Buying a tungsten carbide ring for the man in your life is easier now than it has ever been. Jewelers have been creating more and more styles for tungsten rings and now, there is a large selection to choose from. Jewelers have only just begun to carry large stocks of tungsten rings. The use of this metal for jewelry was late on the scene. Tungsten was recognized early on for its potential in industrial and manufacturing uses and in the past few years has gained immense popularity as the primary material in tungsten rings. The carbide element within tungsten carbide rings is what allows for and preserves their incredible high shine. Tungsten rings have a very durable and mirror-like shine that lasts eternally.  Tungsten rings are the only jewelry rings that are permanently polished. They are truly a class apart, as tungsten rings will always look new and clean and require minimal care. Buying your man a tungsten ring, or treating yourself to a tungsten ring, will express originality, individuality and supreme style.  Tungsten rings are also the hottest new wedding bands for couples wanting a unique look that is also symbolic of their everlasting love. A tungsten ring makes a fabulous gift for a man that likes to have original and singular style. A tungsten carbide ring is becoming the premium choice when buying an elegant designer ring because of its exquisite and outstanding aesthetic and functional qualities.

Tungsten carbide rings come in a variety of styles and colors. The natural colors of tungsten range from white to steel gray. Black tungsten can also be achieved and it has a real deep sheen that makes the color fascinating. Some of the decorative details available on tungsten rings include engraving, grooving, inlays and beveling or faceting. If you like the look of inlaid tungsten rings, you can choose between gold, silver or platinum inlays depending on how subtle or how bold of a ring you desire. Inlaid precious metals create a resplendent contrast in tungsten rings. There are enough different styles of tungsten rings to satisfy every personality and look good with any wardrobe.  From high polished to a brushed finish your unique tungsten ring will maintain its sleek look and fashion forward design always and forever.

When you buy a tungsten carbide ring you will be purchasing the most wearable and durable ring on the market today. Tungsten is a very hard metal that takes many hours of painstaking work to cast, fire, shape and polish into the perfect ring. To accomplish this, the jeweler must use diamond tipped manufacturing tools. When all the work is done the result is a ring that will hold its sheen for years, resist scratches, and look great on the finger. When looking for the perfect tungsten carbide ring, you can be assured all of our rings are made from the highest grade materials and our designers create rings of the latest and most stylish designs.  Most tungsten rings are sized with a "Comfort Fit," meaning the ring is rounded inside so it slides on easier and sits on the ring finger more comfortably. You will love the heavier weight and quality feel of a tungsten ring. You won't ever have to worry about damaging your tungsten ring if your work requires manual labor. Tungsten rings are four times harder than titanium, five times harder than steel and ten times harder than 18K gold. Tungsten rings are astonishingly resistant to scratches, dents and will not bend. You can proudly show off your designer tungsten ring and display your devotion and love when you're on the job, stress free. Never taking it off will also ensure you will never lose your tungsten ring, quite possibly your most valued possession and symbol of your undying love.

Quick rundown of the best Tungsten Carbide Rings have to offer:

- Tungsten rings have a permanent polish and durability that lasts and looks new forever.  They will not bend and are astonishingly resistant to scratches.

- Tungsten rings are made of space-age alloy that is the most durable metal for making jewelry rings to date.

- Tungsten rings have a quality look and feel great. Tungsten rings are heavy and with our "Comfort Fit" you'll always feel comforted and secure that it's on your finger.

- Tungsten rings are care-free. You can literally leave a tungsten ring on your finger and never have to worry about it, polish it or clean it. You also never have to have it professionally polished or have it serviced for repairs caused by wear, and so it’s a great investment.

- Tungsten rings have a unique style and beauty that showcases individuality. Tungsten ring offered on Larson Jewelers are hand-picked and have the most cutting edge styles and features.

- Tungsten rings bought from Larson Jewelers have a Lifetime Warranty with no hidden fees or charges.

Once you have found the perfect style of tungsten carbide ring you will want to find the perfect jeweler. Larson Jewelers is a reputable company with a generous return policy. We guarantee our tungsten rings with a Truly Free Lifetime Sizing should sizing problems arise. Each tungsten carbide ring has a Truly Free Lifetime Replacement Program for sizing and any damage (though very unlikely), so you can be assured that your ring will always fit and be wearable for as long as you live! Our Truly Free Lifetime Warranty, which comes with each tungsten ring ordered, has no hidden exchange or sizing fees, unlike competitors.  You can conveniently browse and buy a tungsten ring from our secure online store. Buy a tungsten carbide ring from Larson Jewelers and get a unique ring of amazing quality, durability, style and strikingly beautiful.