Custom Rings and Wedding Bands

Create a custom ring that’s as unique as your love story. With a wide range of personalization options, Larson Jewelers allows you to build a custom wedding ring or engagement ring that fits your tastes exactly.

How to Design Your Custom Ring

Not sure where to start? Consider a combination of these six elements to design your own ring:

  • Metal – Whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern, choose a metal that fits your style and budget. Choose from rings in tungsten, argentium silver, titanium, platinum, gold, white gold, cobalt chrome, palladium and titanium.
  • Shape – Beveled or dome edges add some interest to a plain band. Opt for a wider band for a masculine wedding ring, or pick a smaller, dainty width for a custom promise ring.
  • Finish –A unique hammered finish adds interest to a simple ring, while a matte finish lends a modern touch. For a more classic look, select a polished finish.
  • Inlay – Choose from one of our offerings (ranging from dinosaur bone to wood to carbon fiber) or send in your own materials — such as a photograph or sand from a favorite beach— to use in the inlay.
  • Gems – Add sparkle and color by including any number of diamonds or precious gemstones to your ring.
  • Custom Engraving – You can also personalize almost any of our unique wedding bands with engraving. Design a custom engraving from a favorite pattern, symbol, family seal and more. Add a short message, significant date or even your fingerprint to your wedding band.

How to Order Your Custom Ring

To get started on your custom ring, place an order for your preferred ring and in the order notes section, type "custom engraving.” Then, simply email us (at with your order number and an image of the custom laser engraving or personalized message.

We’ll let you know when you can expect your one-of-a-kind ring! If the custom engraving is very complex or requires additional time or fees, we will notify you beforehand.

Larson Jewelers has redefined the custom tungsten ring market.  With our brand new custom ring tool you can instantly create and visualize the ring that best suits your personality.  Choose from over fifty ring options.  With thousands of possible combinations you can rest assured that your ring will be one-of-a-kind!  

Larson Jewelers carries the most popular handmade custom wedding bands available, in every popular metal, from the long term durability of
tungsten carbide to the traditional gold bands.  Larson Jewelers even carries the newer unique precious metals platinum and palladium, cobalt chrome, argentium silver, and black titanium.  Larson Jewelers has it all.  Our custom rings from our manufacturers have an amazing variety of styles to choose from. We realize, however, that our customers are unique and come from all walks of life.  Many of our ring styles can be customized to suit your special requests. We are one of the few to offer custom tungsten rings as well.  We understand that everyone has their own style and that some people enjoy custom rings for the sake of having something truly unique.  Since Larson Jewelers is an authorized retailer of Triton Rings, Benchmark Rings, Thorsten Rings, Novell Design Studio, Guertin Brothers and Sossi, we can offer varying levels of customization from each manufacturer.

Note: Custom wedding bands are non-refundable because if we do not normally carry an item, we cannot resell it.

How to Make a Custom Order

The easiest way to custom order any of our cobalt chrome, argentium silver, titanium, palladium, platinum, gold, white gold, or tungsten wedding bands, is to take a look at our available styles until you find one close to what you want, and then contact us to let us know how you would like to customize your ring. Or you can send us a picture of a ring you saw somewhere else. We will usually respond with the price quote the same day.  It’s that easy!  Larson Jewelers will provide the best prices on all of our great manufacturers’ jewelry, guaranteed!  

To learn more about each precious metal that we carry, please browse the “Education” section of our website or feel free to contact us.  We want you to have as much knowledge as possible before you purchase a ring or wedding band from Larson Jewelers.  Remember, the lowest prices for tungsten, palladium, platinum, yellow gold, white gold and even custom made wedding bands are only a click away at Larson Jewelers.  

Custom Engravings

Owning a unique piece of jewelry that no one in the universe owns makes it unique and special. Maybe our engraving designs aren't really what you are looking for and you want to engrave something that you came up with yourself. Larson Jewelers offers custom image engraving on our tungsten wedding bands. If you have a custom image that you'd like to have engraved but aren't sure if it's possible, just send us an email with an example and we will let you know if it can be done! Whatever your imagination can come up with, we are able to determine whether it can be engraved or not on our tungsten rings.

We try to keep the process of having a custom engraving as simple as possible. The easiest way to get a custom image engraving would be to place an order for a tungsten ring and to type into the order notes "custom engraving". Then simply send us an image of the custom laser engraving referencing your order number to If the custom engraving is very complex or requires extra work to be done to prepare it for engraving, we will notify you of any extra fees beforehand.