Engraving, Lifetime Warrantees and Sizing for Tungsten Rings

Frequently, couples shopping for tungsten wedding bands are hesitant to engrave their tungsten carbide rings out of fear that the engraving will void their Lifetime Guarantee or Warranty.   I often get asked, "Will the engraving void the Lifetime Warranty?".  The answer to that should be "no" however, many retailers tell their customers that it will.

Retailers that tell their customers an engraving will void the warranty on a tungsten ring usually say it is because the "structural integrity" of the ring has been weakened.  Therefore, if the ring breaks or scratches it is because the engraving somehow weakened the ring.  Let's take a step back and think about this for a second.  Tungsten carbide is the strongest metal to be used in jewelry today.  It is almost as hard as a diamond, yet the engraving will weaken the ring.  Why is it that a 14k white gold ring, which is much softer than tungsten carbide, can get engraved, yet no one claims the ring will become weaker and deteriorate faster once it has been engraved?  So, why would a retailer say such a thing?  One reason might be because they really do not want to honor their lifetime warranty and this gives them a way out from honoring their warranty.  They want to give the customer peace of mind when purchasing, but not be liable when something happens to their low quality tungsten rings.

The other reason could be that the retailer already knows their tungsten rings are made of low grade tungsten carbide and they know within a year the customer will have problems with the ring and will want to utilize the lifetime warranty.  So, they come up with as many excuses as possible to not have to honor the warranty.  The fact is that about 50% of Americans get an engraving inside their tungsten wedding bands.  This is not something new.  How could a retailer expect someone not to get their wedding ring engraved?  Of all the things people are wearing, the wedding ring is probably the item with the most sentimental value.  Of course, you are going to want to personalize it with an engraving.  That is what the retailer who does not intend to honor a lifetime warranty is hoping you will do so they will be relieved of their duty to you.

As a side note, beware of retailers who seem to be reputable by honoring their lifetime warranty on engraved rings, but charge a hefty fee to use the lifetime warranty.  This is yet another way to deter the consumer from using the lifetime warranty.  The jewelry industry is one of the least regulated industries in the United States and it is a topic consumers are the least educated about, so there are many unscrupulous retailers out there that try to take advantage of the public appearing to give peace of mind.

I would also like to add the same should apply to Lifetime Sizing.  Lifetime sizing is a policy that allows the wearer of the ring to exchange the ring for a different size as their finger sizes changes during the course of their lifetime.  There does not have to be something wrong with the ring to be able to replace it.  That fact that your finger size has changed is sufficient reason to exchange it for another ring.  This is something many consumers do not think about at the time of purchase, but we all know we can gain or lose weight very easily, thus changing our finger sizes.  So, tungsten ring retailer that offers a free Lifetime Sizing program is something to keep in mind as well.

This is why LarsonJewelers.com offers a completely free Lifetime Guarantee and Lifetime Sizing program for all of our tungsten rings.  LarsonJewelers.com does not even charge customers for shipping and handling.  This is their way of letting couples know once they purchase the ring, there are no hidden fees to them.

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