Larson Jewelers Announces More Engraving Options 

Larson Jewelers, the largest independently owned tungsten carbide wedding bands retailer announces they now offer the largest selection of engraving fonts and symbols.

IRVINE, Apr. 25, 2013 – Larson Jewelers ( is excited to offer customers over 30 additional font styles to choose from when engraving their rings.  This brings their engraving font selection up to 38 unique font styles.  Having such a huge selection of fonts will allow customers to better express their love when engraving their special message into their rings.  Larson Jewelers only uses laser engraving because it makes engravings easier to read, and is the preferred method of engraving for extremely hard to engrave jewelry, such as tungsten carbide wedding bands.

In addition to their big font selection, they also have over 90 engraving symbols to choose from, ranging from religious symbols to fun pop culture symbols. “Most jewelers only offer a few font styles to choose from, if they offer engraving at all” said Vanessa LeBeau, Marketing and Merchandising Manager for Larson Jewelers.  “We realize people want to have greater choice, and we have the largest selection of font styles and symbols to allow our customers to do just that.”  LeBeau went on to say, “If people want something even more unique, we can even engrave their own handwriting into their rings.”

Customers are able to quickly and easily input their exact engraving, in the font they want, and any symbols they want right on the website.  This gives people a chance to see an example of their engraving exactly as it would appear before they place their order.  If a customer has their own favorite font, they could let Larson Jewelers know what it is, and they will be able to engrave in that font.  In addition to having easy to choose fonts and symbols, Larson Jewelers can do custom engraving work, such as engraving fingerprints or any other custom image or design.

Getting an engraving will not delay an order, because Larson Jewelers has a precision laser engraving machine in house.  All customers’ engravings are done the same day by their in house master engraver.

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