Palladium Rings Become an Affordable Alternative

Gold, platinum and titanium rings are traditional and fine choices for wedding rings but their current prices makes them impractical during tough times. You would normally settle for the next best thing but the alternative to those metals is really superior and cheaper than them.  Palladium rings are made of the chemical element palladium and display the same characteristics as platinum and other precious metals.

Palladium rings are a better alternative to gold rings because palladium is naturally white so that it  does not need any electroplated coatings of rhodium, which is the protective coating used for white gold wedding rings. Palladium's natural whiteness means it will literally stay white forever.

On the other hand, white gold has electroplated coatings of rhodium to make it very white but the color will gradually fade with the passage of time. You will have to re-plate your gold rings again with rhodium to make it white and you will have to repeat the whole process each time the colors fade, which is a bit costly and troublesome.

Other benefits of palladium rings are their characteristic qualities of being hypoallergenic and nickel-free, which means you will not feel any irritation when wearing them if you have sensitive skin.

Using palladium rings will also give you more value for your money since palladium's capabilities of being hard, durable and tarnish-proof means they require low maintenance so you will not have to spend much money in preserving your rings as time goes on. Palladium cannot be easily scratched; it has a purity level of 95%, higher than white gold's purity level of 41% to 75%.

Take the practical and distinctly attractive route for your wedding and lifelong bond by buying palladium rings and get the long-lasting white luster and shine as any of the precious metals without the hefty price tag.

Where can you find palladium wedding bands?

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