Palladium Rings Become the Most Affordable Precious Metal Jewelry on the Market

As the US dollar keeps weakening and global economic uncertainty keeps rising, precious metals, such as gold have become increasing more expensive. Gold is trading at over $1,100 an ounce. This is an all time record high price. This is due to speculators driving up the cost of these metals. The people who end up paying the price are young married couples who are struggling to achieve the American dream. They have to pay outrageous prices for their wedding rings.

There is an alternative. Palladium, a platinum group metal has emerged as the most affordable precious metal to be used in wedding rings today. Palladium is virtually identical to platinum, which trades at over $1,400 an ounce. Both metals are naturally white, unlike white gold rings that need to be plated with rhodium to make it look white. The only difference is palladium is about half the weight of platinum. Young couples are choosing palladium rings for their wedding bands because of the price. Palladium trades at just over $300 an ounce, which makes it only a fraction of the cost of platinum or white gold rings.

Palladium is rarer than gold. It is cheaper because of simple market economics. Few couples know about this metal and therefore, there is less demand for this metal, so the price is low. For example, 20 years ago, no one bought platinum wedding rings. Gold was all the rage at the time, so platinum was a very affordable metal used in jewelry. Then the producers of platinum started creating consumer demand for platinum, which has paid off today because platinum is more expensive than gold. People who bought their platinum wedding rings 20 years ago got it for less than the price of 14k gold rings. This is impossible today because of the demand for platinum. Well, palladium now is like platinum 20 years ago. It has not caught on yet, so the price remains low. This is an excellent opportunity for young couples today to buy their wedding rings on a budget. In the years to come this opportunity may not exist anymore as more and more couples learn about the beauty and affordability of palladium wedding bands.

Proof of palladium's acceptance by the market and its growing popularity can be measured by the number of jewelry makers that are producing their styles in palladium, which were traditionally reserved for platinum and white gold. The nation's finest bridal jewelry makers (Frederick Goldman, Benchmark Rings and Novell Design Studio) all produce a palladium wedding ring line. In fact, the designer with the largest selection of wedding ring styles, Novell Design Studio, can make all their styles in all metals including Palladium. If you are shopping on-line, Larson Jewelers is an authorized dealer of Novell's products which you can buy all their palladium rings styles from. To see Novell's styles, simply go to visit Novell Design Studio's website. Larson Jewelers does not display all of Novell's styles on their site because they have hundreds of styles to choose from, but you can simply ask them for a quote by giving them Novell's style number.

Where are palladium rings found?

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