Tungsten Rings Become the Strongest Wedding Bands Available

What is tungsten carbide? Tungsten is an element that is fused with other materials to become the alloy tungsten carbide. The addition of other metals makes the tungsten carbide harder and more scratch resistant than tungsten alone. This alloy process is similar to the process that iron goes through to become steel. Tungsten carbide has been used in mechanical and industrial applications for many years, and recently has found new life as the longest lasting jewelry material known to man.

Tungsten is ground into a powder and mixed with other metals such as; niobium, tantalum, titanium, chromium, and nickel. The metals are then fused together in an oxygen free furnace, within a die-cast, at over 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Interestingly enough, the tungsten itself never melts and mixes with the other metals. Since tungsten has such an extremely high melting point, it can only be heated high enough to "sinter", or adhere and bond to, the other metals. The nickel within the mixture is referred to as the "binder", as it assists with the bonding process. Within mechanical and industrial applications, the binder for tungsten carbide is cobalt, but this is not used by reputable jewelry manufacturers as it causes oxidation. Once the tungsten carbide has been sintered into a ring blank, the cutting and shaping begins.

Tungsten carbide is too hard of a material to be worked like all other types of metals used in the jewelry industry and cannot be welded, soldered, or bent. The only way to shape a ring is to start with a rough-cut piece of it, and begin using heavy industrial machining, lathe work, and hand polishing to create these captivating pieces of jewelry. This metal is so extremely hard, that most of the grinding and polishing machines used to shape the jewelry are diamond-tipped. The result of all of this effort is a piece of jewelry with stunning luster that lasts for decades, or longer.

Tungsten wedding bands are by far the longest lasting pieces of jewelry ever created. This metal is literally the hardest material that you can buy on a retail level. This sharp increase in hardness equates to the elimination of the most common types of jewelry damage; scratching, scuffing, warping, and bending. Also, tungsten carbide wedding bands are made in a new style of fitting, known as comfort fit. This means that the interior of the ring is a round dome, instead of the traditional flat interior. Other types of jewelry are made with flat interiors to allow for stretching or swaging the ring into a new size easily. Since tungsten carbide rings are far too hard to be re-sized, there is no need to leave the interior of the ring less comfortable and flat. Keep in mind that the inability of tungsten wedding rings to be resized individually is important to consider when choosing a jewelry company. You definitely want to choose a company that has a truly free lifetime sizing and lifetime warranty that offers a replacement ring in the event you need a different sized ring. One caveat, many companies claim "lifetime sizing and lifetime warranty", however; these companies also charge sizing fees and deductibles. Consumers should choose a jewelry company that offers truly free lifetime sizing and lifetime warranty.

Tungsten carbide bands also have a few other features that men seem to appreciate. The first is the weight. Tungsten carbide is a very dense material, and is therefore heavier than any other traditional jewelry material. This added weight gives the ring a feeling of substance and ruggedness. Secondly, men and women alike tend to enjoy the coloring of tungsten carbide wedding bands. The high polish finish reflects both images and light, similar to polished chrome. Many tungsten wedding rings also have a brushed finish applied. This type of finish will still reflect a single point of light, but has a textured look that will not reflect images, yet it remains an attractive accent to the high polish finish.

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Tungsten Rings and Popular Wedding Bands