Tungsten Rings For Men

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Tungsten Rings For Men

Tungsten carbide has a strength and durability that makes it ideal for many purposes. Many industries have selected tungsten carbide as their material of choice because it has the highest melting point of all metals as well as an extreme tensile strength. Jewelers have discovered that tungsten also polishes to a mirror-like shine. With this consummate strength and amazing polish potential, tungsten carbide makes an ideal material for jewelry. That’s why Larson Jewelers offers an extensive selection of tungsten rings for men, many suitable as wedding rings.

One of the many benefits of men’s tungsten rings is the durability of tungsten carbide. Over time, wearing a ring usually leads to scratches and dents in the surface of the metal. With tungsten carbide, however, the metal will resist these common surface mars. Men’s tungsten carbide rings actually maintain their original polish and shine indefinitely. This resistance to wear and damage appeals to many men, especially those who lead an active or rugged lifestyle. It takes extreme effort to scratch or damage tungsten rings for men. In fact, a diamond is one of the only materials that could damage tungsten carbide.

To appreciate the qualities of men's tungsten rings, it helps to learn a few fascinating details about tungsten carbide and its use in jewelry. Tungsten carbide easily surpasses the hardness of gold, steel, and titanium. In fact, tungsten carbide is approximately ten times harder than 18k gold, making it far more durable. Comparing 18k gold to tungsten carbide prices generally reveals that tungsten is much more affordable than gold. Gold jewelry might not tarnish like silver, but it can lose its shine over time. Gold rings and other pieces will require ongoing cleaning to keep them gleaming. When you compare tungsten carbide to diamonds, its strength becomes clear. Diamonds are rated 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, and tungsten carbide is rated between 8 and 9. Tungsten carbide rings for men will not bend out of shape, and they will maintain their fierce shine for years without the need for ongoing maintenance.

Shopping for jewelry at Larson Jewelers is all about extensive selection, confidence, and convenience. We offer a vast stock of all types of jewelry for sale, including men's rings. Tungsten carbide is one of the most popular jewelry materials, and for good reason. With its unsurpassed durability and exquisite shine, many people are opting for tungsten carbide for wedding bands and other important jewelry pieces. Our online store is easy to browse from any location, and we are confident that you will find something that appeals to you. Customers with questions about sizing can request our free ring sizer kit to ensure that the ring ordered will fit flawlessly. We also offer assistance with ring width because we understand that it can be difficult to choose the width that's right for you.

Making your purchase from Larson Jewelers is simple. Engraving and personalization is available to make a tungsten ring truly your own. We also include a lifetime warranty for our tungsten rings for both men and women. The warranty includes size exchanges, and it covers any accidental damage that might occur. Order tungsten rings or other jewelry with confidence: Larson Jewelers stands behind every purchase.