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CENTURION 14K Gold Inlaid Domed Tungsten Ring - 6mm - 8 mm
Reg: $679.99On Sale: $329.99
BRIDGEPORT Flat Satin Finish Tungsten Carbide Ring - 6mm & 10mm
Reg: $269.99On Sale: $154.99
HARRISBURG Gold Inlaid Flat Tungsten Ring - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $858.99On Sale: $329.99
LEGIONAIRE Gold Inlaid Beveled Tungsten Ring 8 mm
Reg: $859.99On Sale: $329.99

GEMINI Pipe Cut Tungsten Carbide Ring with Silver Inlaid 6mm & 8 mm
Reg: $479.99On Sale: $179.99
VECTOR Silver Inlaid Beveled Tungsten Ring - 8 mm
Reg: $479.99On Sale: $179.99
CASSIUS Silver Inlaid Domed Tungsten Ring - 8 mm
Reg: $559.99On Sale: $179.99
RALEIGH Slightly Domed Satin Center Tungsten Ring by Benchmark - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $534.99On Sale: $239.99

Dual Grooved Polished Beveled Edges Palladium Wedding Ring with Brushed Center - 6mm-8mm
Reg: $1,511.99On Sale: $1,259.99
EDINBURGH Flat Grooved Tungsten Ring with Ceramic Inlay - 6 mm - 10 mm
Reg: $289.99On Sale: $164.99
LOS ANGELES Gold Inlaid (18k Y) Beveled Tungsten Wedding Ring by Benchmark - 8mm
Reg: $824.99On Sale: $610.99
ANCHORAGE Dual Offset Grooves Mens Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $299.99On Sale: $154.99

DOMINA Domed Tungsten Wedding Bands for Women - 4mm - 6mm
Reg: $179.99On Sale: $89.99
ECLIPSE Domed Black Tungsten Ring with Polished Offset Grooves - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $279.99On Sale: $139.99
HELSINKI 6mm & 8mm Black Ceramic Raised Center with Tungsten Inlay Ring
Reg: $259.99On Sale: $139.99
CARRERA Domed Black Ceramic Inlaid Tungsten Wedding Band - 6mm - 10mm
Reg: $379.99On Sale: $199.99

MAGNUS Brushed Dome with Two Polished Grooves Tungsten Carbide Ring
Reg: $289.99On Sale: $154.99
PALATINE Laser Engraved Tungsten Rings with Celtic Pattern - 6mm - 10mm
Reg: $259.99On Sale: $129.99
PALLAS Celtic Knot Laser Engraved Tungsten Wedding Ring 6mm - 10mm
Reg: $279.99On Sale: $159.99
BOSS Domed Center Groove Tungsten Carbide Ring with Brush Finish 6mm or 8mm
Reg: $209.99On Sale: $124.99

PONTUS Platinum Inlaid Domed Tungsten Wedding Ring
Reg: $1,760.00On Sale: $529.99
IVAR Platinum Inlaid Flat 8mm Tungsten Wedding Band
Reg: $1,760.00On Sale: $529.99
HALSTEN Platinum Inlaid Beveled Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $1,760.00On Sale: $529.99
GUNNAR Unique Mokume Gane Tungsten Wedding Band
Reg: $1,160.00On Sale: $489.99

ODIN Platinum Inlaid Raised Center Tungsten Ring
Reg: $1,860.00On Sale: $529.99
LOKI Silver Inlaid Raised Center Tungsten Carbide Ring
Reg: $860.00On Sale: $179.99
BRISTOL Flat Polished Tungsten Diamond Ring 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $459.99On Sale: $299.99
WATERFORD Beveled Diamond Tungsten Wedding Band - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $870.00On Sale: $299.99

GRENOBLE Flat Beveled Tungsten Wedding Band with Brushed Stripe - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $289.99On Sale: $144.99
ATHENA Womens Flat Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band - 4mm & 6mm
Reg: $179.99On Sale: $89.99
BELLONA Black Flat Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band - 4mm - 6mm
Reg: $189.99On Sale: $94.99
ROMA 4 mm Beveled Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring - 4mm & 6mm
Reg: $239.99On Sale: $119.99

VIENNA Beveled Black Tungsten Band - 4mm - 6mm
Reg: $219.99On Sale: $134.99
CELONA 288 Diamond Faceted 4mm - 6mm Tungsten Ring
Reg: $259.99On Sale: $139.99
AURORA 288 Diamond Faceted Black Tungsten Band - 4mm - 6mm
Reg: $239.99On Sale: $139.99
PHOEBE Domed 4mm - 6mm Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band
Reg: $219.99On Sale: $124.99

HERA Domed with Satin Stripe Tungsten Carbide Ring - 4mm - 6mm
Reg: $239.99On Sale: $129.99
MILANA Women Tungsten Ring Flat Brushed Center Finish - 4mm - 6mm
Reg: $249.99On Sale: $144.99
NOCTURNE Beveled Black Tungsten Carbide Band with Brushed Finish and Polished Grooves - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $379.99On Sale: $194.99
POLARIS Domed Brushed Finish Tungsten Ring with Polished Bevels - 6mm & 8mm
Reg: $289.99On Sale: $149.99

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