Planning A Wedding On A Budget

10 Tips & Tricks To Cut Costs For Your Wedding

How to Save Money and Still have the Wedding of Your Dreams

Planning a wedding is expensive! The average cost for a wedding in 2012 was $28,000. If you don’t know where to cut back or ways to save then your wedding will quickly add up to numbers you never expected. A wedding should be fun and memorable, and we think shouldn’t leave you penny-less. We have compiled ten different tips and tracks that will help you keep your wedding budget down. If you follow all of these wedding saving tips then you could save as much as $11,122! Now that would pay for a nice honeymoon in itself. Please take a look below to see all of the neat tips that will let you save big on your wedding. For more detail see bottom of this page.

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1. Groomsmen Tux

Groomsman tuxes can run into the hundreds of dollars. Luckily, many rental shops will let the groom rent his tux free of charge if you bring five paid rentals. Considering the groomsman, father of the bride, and father of the groom, this is usually not a problem.

2. Wedding Invitations

These can quickly add up if you hire a professional to make your invitations. There are plenty of fabulous free wedding invitation templates online that you can browse through. You can also use a picture from your engagement shoot for your invitations. Having them printed cheaply is as easy as finding a popular online based print shop.

3. Use Your Local Bakery

The bakery suggested to you by your venue or the big name shops usually will have a big price tag attached to their cakes, sometimes running upwards of $1,000. If you can find a local bakery that makes wedding cakes you can have a cake made for around $300.

4. Don’t Have An Open Bar

While people might tell you otherwise, an open bar is not a necessity. Those who want to drink will not have a problem paying for them. Pay for the toast and let them cover the rest.

5. Get Married on a Weekday

You may have a venue in mind that is just too expensive. Well, many venues will have majorly discounted rates for weekday weddings. While some may not be able to attend a weekday wedding, those who really want to be there will be there.

6. Nearby Honeymoon Location

Tahiti and Bora Bora and great destinations but they are also expensive. The cost of travel alone can eat up your entire honeymoon budget. There are great places to vacation in our own backyard. Canada has many beautiful mountain destinations to choose from, Mexico has great Caribbean style resorts, and lastly there are many locations right here in the United States which offer beautiful romantic scenery.

7. Have a Small Rehearsal Dinner

There is sometimes a great temptation to invite additional persons to the Rehearsal Dinner but this should be reserved for the direct family and members of the wedding party.

8. Don’t Buy Gold Wedding Bands

Gold is hugely expensive and is very prone to scratching. Purchasing tungsten wedding bands offer you much greater scratch resistance at a tenth of the cost of gold.

9. Personalized Groomsman Gifts

Don’t bother buying expensive groomsman gifts. There are much more meaningful, personalized, gifts that your groomsman will love and will not break your budget. Gifts like engraved knives or Zippo lighters make a great inexpensive gift.

10. Use Fake Flowers For Centerpieces

Flowers can drive up the cost of a wedding big time. Real flowers can be used where most necessary, such as in the ceremony or decorating the isle, but use fake flowers for the centerpieces or other areas that are not as important.