Mens Wedding Bands: Tungsten Rings, Men's Wedding Bands and more...

Larson Jewelers is the ultimate source for both men's wedding bands and women's wedding rings. We are a one stop shop for wedding bands for men and women in all metals and price ranges. Larson Jewelers proudly features the largest collection of the finest tungsten rings by the most popular designers. We also have a great selection of cobalt rings, ceramic rings, and gold wedding bands for men and women. The wedding band is an intimate symbol of unity shared by two people, meant to be admired by friends and family of the happy couple. Find your perfect wedding ring, perhaps one of our excellent tungsten rings. Explore our selection of men's wedding bands. We're confident you will find the perfect wedding ring, one suited just for you.

Larson Jewelers features a stunning collection of timeless men’s tungsten wedding bands. Ranging from classic ring styles to cutting edge and contemporary designs, there is a tungsten ring to suit everyone's taste. We even have tungsten diamond rings and women’s tungsten rings. Also, we are able to customize a tungsten ring to suit your requirements. Tungsten carbide rings are made with the hardest metal on earth, both extremely strong and incredibly elegant. That means that they are built to last! Please note that all of our tungsten rings are made of tungsten carbide. Throughout the site you may find some wedding band styles called "tungsten rings" or "tungsten bands". This does not mean that particular ring is not made of tungsten carbide or it is not to be used as a wedding band. Tungsten is, short for tungsten carbide, kind of like Coke is short for Coca Cola. Our tungsten bands make great wedding rings, no matter what you call them!

Ready to start looking for the right tungsten ring? At Larson Jewelers, we only carry the finest quality jewelry grade conflict free tungsten rings for men, from top American designers, such as Triton Rings, Thorsten Rings, and Benchmark Rings. These manufacturers have their own factory backed lifetime warranties on their tungsten rings.  We do not carry rings that are made of tungsten alone; a ring made of pure tungsten would be too difficult to create, and the result would be too brittle to be practical for anyone to wear. Tungsten wedding bands for men and women are frequently referred to as tungsten carbide rings, and our fine tungsten jewelry uses nickle as the binding agent and contains no cobalt. Tungsten carbide rings are very versatile. They can be used as casual jewelry, promise rings, graduation rings, or wedding bands. A tungsten ring is strong and works for a variety of occasions and celebrations.

A Quick Note About Men's Wedding Bands and Women's Wedding Bands: Sizes

Men's and women's wedding bands use the same sizing system.  Unlike shoe sizes, if a man wears a size 7 ring and so does a woman, then that means their ring fingers are the same size.  Also, wedding bands today are unisex, just like sunglasses.  You will see on our site that we have some categories of men's wedding bands and wedding bands for women. The reason for these categories is to help our customers by grouping together certain styles and widths of wedding bands that appeal more to either men or women to help make finding their dream wedding band easier. This does not mean a certain style can only be worn by a man or woman.  When it comes to your wedding band, the only thing that matters is if you like it, and of course, maybe your spouse too!

We work hard to bring our customers the best tungsten carbide rings, jewelry, and even watches for any occasion. To learn more from our expertise, please visit our blog. And don't forget to check out our discount items; we frequently offer items at special sale prices that are very budget-friendly.

Explore our gorgeous selection of made-in-the-USA palladium wedding bands for men and women. You are sure to find one designed with you in mind. Palladium rings radiate a similar shine as platinum wedding bands, but are available at a fraction of the cost. This precious metal has bridged the gap between luxury and affordability. Our palladium rings and women's palladium wedding bands are available in a wide variety of styles. Order online and save time.

At Larson Jewelers, all of our skillfully designed, made-in-America, 14k white gold wedding bands & rings are crafted with distinct edges and your choice of center and polish. Choose a ring from one of our featured designers, or ask about our custom ring options and get a one-of-a-kind 14k white gold wedding band.

For superior quality, ultimate whiteness, and unsurpassed shine, we suggest one of our premium platinum wedding rings. Browse through our fine assortment of contemporary and traditional designs to find platinum wedding bands you'll treasure forever.

By Vanessa LeBeau

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