About Diamond Certifications

About Diamond Certification's

Diamond Certification

A diamond certificate is also known as a diamond grading report or diamond quality document. This certificate/report is created by gemologists that evaluate your diamond with years of experience and industry leading tools. Complete certificates include dimensions, clarity, surface polish, symmetry, color as well as any other important features that a can help provide a clearer grade for the diamond. An EGL diamond grading report is conducted by the European Gemological laboratory Organization. EGL is known for the introduction of the "SI3" and have a large market share outside of the USA. A GIA diamond grading report is a report by the Gemological institute of America. GIA is one of the most respected organizations and is a leading institute in the diamond industry. GIA reports include the following:

1. Shape and Cutting Style
2. Measurement
3. Carat Weight
4 Color Grade
5. Clarity Grade
6. Cut Grade
7. Finish
8. Polish
9. Symmetry
10. Fluorescence
12. Clarity Plot
13. Proportion Diagram