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About Diamond Care

How to care for Diamonds

Diamonds are well known for being one of the hardest substances on Earth. Highly resistant to heat and scratching, diamonds are not indestructible and can chip if not taken care of correctly. Always remove your diamond jewelry whenever you might expose it to a rough substance or a substantial impact. Good examples of when to remove your diamond jewelry include doing the dishes and exercising.


How Do Diamonds Become Dull and How to Prevent it

A diamonds beauty is quite mesmerizing, especially at the time of purchase, but your diamond will dull overtime due to ordinary wear. This is because your diamond is being exposed to very common elements daily that include dirt, dust, skin oils, perspiration and household chemicals. We recommend having your diamond jewelry cleaned by a professional every six months. Not only will this keep your diamonds looking clean and beautiful, but will also allow professionals to make sure your diamond isn't inadvertently damaged and the setting is still holding properly.