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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How extensive is your 100% money back guarantee?

A: At Larson Jewelers, we are not happy, unless you are happy. This means that we will make every effort to meet your requests, no matter how big or small. If we are not able to meet your expectations, we will promptly refund your money, 100% of it. This offer is available for an industry high 45 days on most tungsten rings, and 30 days for all other brands and products. Best of all, the refund period does not begin until you have received the ring, not from when you order it. Also, as long as the ring is in new condition, Larson Jewelers does not charge any fees. Most jewelers will charge a percentage of the initial purchase price, or at least bill you for the initial shipping. We are sure that you will love your ring, or we will refund 100% of your money. It's that simple! For more information, please review our full Refund Policy


Q: What happens if I order the wrong size ring?

A: We understand that it is not practical for many of our customers to come in and get their finger sized. We also understand that you might accidentally order the wrong size ring sometimes. Therefore, we gladly offer free size exchanges on most brands for customers whose shipping addresses are within the USA. Size exchanges going outside of the USA only have to pay shipping charges. Other jewelers will charge you a fee for size exchanges, plus shipping and handling. Please note, Triton and ArtCarved Rings have fees charged by the manufacturer for size exchanges. For more details, please view our Exchange Policy

Q: Do you offer Free Shipping?

A: Yes, we offer FREE Shipping with USPS on all new orders, no matter what. Compare this to other jewelers who only offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount. Also, keep in mind that our shipping is faster than the ground shipping offered by most others, which can take up to 6 days.

Q: Do you have a showroom I could visit to see the rings in person?

A: Yes, of course. While we have many customers from all over the US and internationally, we also have many local customers. Local customers who wish to come into our showroom to get their finger sized or look at our selection are more than welcome to do so. All that we ask is that you contact us first to schedule an appointment, so we can make sure one of our associates will be available to help you at the time you wish to pay us a visit.

Q: Do you offer the Lowest Price Guaranteed on Tungsten Carbide Rings?

A: Absolutely. We order a very high volume of tungsten carbide rings from our manufacturers. This has given Larson Jewelers the purchase volume to receive the lowest prices, and then pass the savings on to you. If you find a lower price at another retail jeweler, we will match it. A retail jeweler means an official retail store or website that is a registered business in the county of their jurisdiction and offering a tungsten carbide ring of the same design and with the same brand name. To receive the lowest price guarantee, simply copy and paste the link showing the same ring with price from the competitor's website into the order notes section of the shopping cart when checking out and we will refund the difference to your card when processing your order.

Q: Where are our jewelry products made?

A: Larson Jewelers carries the best name brands made in America that incorporate the best technology and latest designs. Some of our top designers include Triton, ArtCarved, Thorsten, Benchmark, and Novell Design Studio. For more information, please visit our About Manufacturers page.

Q: Is shopping on our site secure?

A: is constantly tested by Trust Guard, a third-party security company, to ensure a higher security standard than even most brick and mortar retailers. Our website is also encrypted by GoDaddy, which means all the information you enter when checking out cannot be seen by a 3rd party. You can see the Trust Guard and GoDaddy logos on the left-hand side below the menu as well as when checking out. Security logos are an important part of internet shopping, do not take them for granted and always click on them to make sure that they are a live link to the security website. If the link does not work, the security feature is not active at that time. Our website’s security is active 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is always being updated. Please see our Privacy and Security Policy for more information.

Q: How do we handle your personal information?

A: Larson Jewelers does not sell or give out your personal information to anyone, except to law enforcement agencies if required. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Q: Does Larson Jewelers do custom orders?

A: Absolutely. While we try to carry the most popular styles, we know our customers are unique and we understand sometimes you may have a special request. For further instruction on how to order a custom jewelry piece, please go to our Custom Rings Page.


Q: How can I find out what my finger size is?

A: Larson Jewelers recommends going to your local jeweler as the quickest way of finding out your size. We can also send you a finger sizer that you can use at home to accurately determine your finger size the same way a professional jeweler would do it. To purchase a ring sizer or to get more information on sizing, please go to our Sizing Information page.

Q: How tight or loose should my ring fit?

A: You do not want your ring so tight that is stops blood from circulating in your finger, nor do you want it so loose that the ring is constantly slipping off your finger when you wash your hands. Somewhere between too tight and too loose is the happy medium, which really comes down to personal preference. Generally, the perfect size ring should come off your finger with some force, but not considerable force where you are straining to get it off.

Q: What is "Comfort Fit"?

A: Comfort fit rings are made so the inside of the ring is slightly rounded, rather than flat. Think of the ring as being shaped like a donut or bagel. The inside area, meaning the bagel or donut hole area of the of the ring, is rounded instead of being flat. This type of fitting is found mostly with tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands, but can frequently be found in palladium, platinum, yellow gold, and white gold rings and wedding bands. Detailed information is available here:Comfort Fit

Q: What is "Standard Fit"?

A: If a ring is not described as comfort fit, it is always standard fit. If a ring is standard fit, it means the inside surface of the ring is flat instead of rounded. Rings and wedding bands made from precious metals, such as palladium, platinum, yellow gold, and white gold, are usually made with a standard fit. Tungsten rings are usually not made with a standard fit. Detailed information is available here:Standard Fit

Q: What sizes does Larson Jewelers carry?

A: Generally, we carry sizes 4 through 13.5. The most common finger size for men is size 10 and the most common finger size for women is size 6. Many of our products can be made in smaller or bigger sizes upon request. If you have a ring style in mind already, go ahead and contact us to find out if we can accommodate finger sizes smaller than size 4 and bigger than size 13.5.

Q: Are quarter sizes available or only half and whole sizes?

A: Yes, we do. Upon request, we can make your ring in quarter sizes. Generally, we stock half and whole sizes. The difference of the inside diameter of a half size is very small, only 0.4 mm. For most people, if a ring is a little tight or loose, going up or down a half size does the trick. If you find a half size is too much or too little for your finger, let us, know and we can accommodate your request at no charge.

Q: How can an international customer find out their US ring size?

A: There are various sizing systems used in different countries or regions of the world. If you know your size in your country, go to our International Ring Size Conversion page to find out your US equivalent size.

Q: How wide are your rings in inches?

A:The most common widths for men's wedding rings are 6 mm and 8 mm. A 6 mm wide wedding band is almost a quarter of an inch wide, and an 8 mm wide ring is almost a third of an inch wide. For women, 3 mm and 4 mm wide rings are most common. So, a 3 mm wide ring is about an eighth of an inch wide and a 4 mm wide band is about a sixth of an inch wide. Check out our Ring Width Guide for more information.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order and how is it sent?

A: The manufacturing process for platinum, gold and palladium rings takes about 5 to 11 business days, depending on the manufacturer. Once your ring is received from the manufacturer, it is shipped out the same day. Tungsten rings are generally in stock and will ship out the same day your order is placed or the next business day. If you would like engraving, this will not delay your order because we do this in house. All orders to U.S. addresses include FREE 5-8 day Priority Mail shipping. For all international orders (non-USA addresses), Larson Jewelers will ship via United States Post Office, which takes about 7 to 10 days depending on your country's customs office, or by FedEx which takes about 3 or 4 days For complete shipping information, please go to our shipping page

Q: Will I pay customs taxes for international orders?

A: Each country's government is different on how they tax imported items. You may have to pay taxes on your jewelry order when it arrives, and this is usually taxed at the same rate as you country's VAT tax. To find your local tax rate, please contact your local customs agency, or your local postal facility should be able to assist as well. If you want to minimize your customs taxes, please contact us for details on how we can help you do this.

Q: Do you ship to APOs and FPOs?

A: Absolutely. Orders being shipped to APO and FPO addresses will be shipped via Priority Mail through the US Post Office. When placing your order just fill in the shipping address with your APO or FPO address.

Exchanges, Returns & Warranty

Q: What is our exchange/return policy?

A: We offer a 30-day exchange or refund policy on all precious metal (Gold, Palladium, and Platinum) and some tungsten jewelry, and a 45-day exchange or refund policy on most tungsten jewelry. This means that you have 30 or 45 days from the day that the carrier delivers the package to you to exchange it or if you simply don't like it, you can return it for a refund. Here is the link to our Return Form.

Q: What is our warranty?

A: Larson Jewelers carefully inspects each product before we ship it to you to make sure there are no defects. We guarantee that your ring or wedding band will be in new condition and free of any defects when you receive it. Should there be any defect, we ask that you report it to us within 3 days of receiving the item. We will replace it free of charge. For more details go to our Warranty page.

Q: Is there a free lifetime warranty on your products ?

A: We offer an extensive lifetime warranty on all of our Tungsten Carbide rings. Almost all brands have a lifetime warranty that is free to use, only Triton Rings charges $40.00 to use their lifetime warranty. If anything should happen to your ring, whether it was your fault or not, it will be repaired or replaced, so you will not have to buy a brand new ring ever. Lifetime warranties also cover sizing. If your finger size changes during your lifetime you can simply send back the ring and get a different size as many times as needed. The warranties on precious metal rings vary, please check the warranty information on the specific product's page that you are interested in purchasing. For complete details, please review our Lifetime Warranty

Q: Does engraving my ring void the warranty?

A: No, engraved rings are still covered under our lifetime warranty. If you need to exchange it for a different size or if the ring is damaged and needs to be replaced, you will have to pay for engraving on the new ring though.

Q: What if I bought my Tungsten Carbide ring before the free Lifetime Warranty program?

A: Simple, customers who purchased their tungsten rings before we instituted our free Lifetime Warranty program can just pay the difference between the price they bought their ring at and our current price. For complete details, please review our Lifetime Warranty

Precious Metals

Q: What is Palladium?

A: Palladium is a precious metal in the Platinum Group of Metals. That means it looks just like Platinum and has many of the same physical properties as Platinum, yet it only costs a fraction of what Platinum costs. Palladium has long been alloyed with Gold to produce white Gold, but has only very recently been used in its pure form to make jewelry. It is widely gaining popularity as a substitute for both Platinum and White Gold. To read more about Palladium, please visit our About Palladium page

Q: Why choose tungsten over titanium and other precious metals?

A: Tungsten, like Palladium, is also a new metal being used in jewelry that is increasingly gaining popularity. Men are typically interested in tungsten jewelry due to its heavy weight and extremely high durability. Titanium does not have the weight or durability that tungsten has. Tungsten is actually 4 times more scratch resistant than Titanium and is virtually scratch proof, while Titanium can be easily scratched. One of the reasons that tungsten rings have gained so much popularity in recent years is because the price of gold and other precious metals have risen to unaffordable levels for a large segment of the population, making tungsten wedding bands the more affordable alternative. To read more about Tungsten, please visit our About Tungsten

Q: Is Tungsten not able to be scratched and completely indestructible?

A: Tungsten is the most scratch resistant and hardest metal on Earth. That means no metal can scratch tungsten, but non-metals such as diamonds sapphires and other crystals harder than tungsten can scratch it. Because tungsten is so hard, it does not bend like other metals. It can crack or break just as a diamond is extremely hard, but can break or crack. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this world that is indestructible.

Q: Do your tungsten rings contain nickel or cobalt?

A: All of our tungsten rings do not contain cobalt. We are very aware of the problems cobalt can cause. We make sure we only carry rings made by top-notch manufacturers that alloy their tungsten rings with small amounts of nickel.

Q: If tungsten contains nickel binder alloy, does that mean I can get an allergic reaction?

A: Generally, people who are allergic to white gold because of the high nickel content do not have allergies to tungsten because the amount of nickel in tungsten is very small. There are rare cases of extremely sensitive people who do have an allergic reaction to tungsten. For those people, we recommend Palladium or Platinum because these two metals contain no nickel.

Q: What's the difference between 14 karat and 18 karat Gold?

A: All gold jewelry is alloyed with other metals to produce jewelry. Alloying is the process in which metals are mixed together to increase the desirable properties of the end product, such as increasing the metal’s hardness. 24 karat gold, which is 99.9% pure gold, is too soft to be used in jewelry. To become usable for jewelery, gold is alloyed into 18 karat gold (75% pure gold) and 14 karat gold (58.3% pure gold). Lowering the karat weight of gold decreases the value of the jewelery piece, but it increases the hardness and durability of the piece. The same values are applicable for yellow gold and white gold. For more information, please visit our About Gold page

Q: What is the difference between "carat" and "karat"?

A: Karat, as mentioned above, refers to the purity level of gold in a piece of jewelry. Carat refers to weight, usually for pearls and gemstones, most notably diamonds. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams.

Q: What is the quality of diamonds used in your wedding bands?

A: It is generally accepted that diamonds smaller than 0.25 carat set into bands have a color of G or H, which means they are near colorless and your eyes cannot distinguish between colorless and near colorless diamonds. The clarity generally used is Slightly Included or SI grade. This clarity level means any impurities the diamond may have cannot be seen with the naked eye. You would only be able to see the impurities under magnification. This is the industry standard for small stones set into bands or engagement rings.