Dinosaur Bone Rings

These stunning dinosaur bone rings are made using authentic dinosaur bone. This fossilized bone took tens of millions of years before it hardened. Some of the bone, depending on the mineral concentration of the soil, became beautifully colorized. We offer a variety of colors from reds, to blues, and even pink. Each dinosaur bone ring is unique and no two rings will ever look exactly the same. Each ring is handmade by our expert craftsman who personally selects the best bone to suit your ring.


The DEVONIAN is made from ultra durable tungsten carbide, one of the most scratch resistant metals on Earth. For those that love the dark and sexy allure of black ceramic, we also offer a black ceramic version of this blue dinosaur bone inlay called the PERMIAN. The particular fossil used in this bevel edged tungsten wedding ring is blue tone. This coloring is created by the minerals that slowly replaced the bone over millions of years. This stunning and ancient fossil inlaid band creates a stunning ring when set into the center of this perfectly crafted tungsten carbide ring.


The JURASSIC is also made from high grade tungsten carbide metal and is also offered in a beautiful bevel edged black ceramic design as well called the TRIASSIC. Designed with a classic polished beveled edge, this crimson red tone dinosaur bone inlay ring is a beautiful and very unique tungsten ring.


The ARCHEAN is a mesmerizing bevel edged tungsten carbide ring with an eye-catching pink ton dinosaur bone inlay. We also offer pink tone dinosaur bone inlay in a black ceramic version called the CAMBRIAN. Created with a signature brightly polished beveled edge, the ARCHEAN's pink dinosaur bone inlay is far from anything dull.


The Ordovician is a wonderful tungsten carbide ring with various Earthy tones of color in the dinosaur bone inlay. We also offer this earthy dinosaur bone inlay in black ceramic called the SILURIAN. Generally being a more brown-tone than any other, this dinosaur bone inlay ring is the perfect marriage between durable tungsten carbide and ancient dinosaur bone.