Our Manufacturers

Larson Jewelers only carries jewelry from the most respected manufacturers in the wedding band industry and we take great pride in working with top American designers. The wedding bands found on our website represent the most popular women's and men's wedding bands on the market today. In the event you do not find a style to your liking, you may custom order any of the styles made by our manufacturers. Please find a brief introduction to our manufacturers below.



Thorsten Jewelry is a cutting-edge brand specializing in wedding bands for both men and women. Alternative metals have changed the jewelry industry, resulting in an increase in popularity and demand nationwide. Thorsten supplies jewelers with only the finest and strongest materials used in rings, resulting in a product that is unmatched by our competition. Our extensive market research makes us experts in our field, leading the industry with award-winning new styles and innovative products. Our line is the largest in America with over 400 styles to choose from, all guaranteed with the security of our lifetime warranty.


Quality Gold

Quality Gold

Quality Gold has built its business on the company’s commitment to provide the largest selection of products, the best service, and the best value to its customers. They are constantly expanding their extensive product line to offer their customers the widest selection of quality products at competitive prices. Quality Gold is committed to the long-term success and viability of all of their partners.




Stuller's mission is to provide exceptional experiences that are easy, fast, and reliable — every time. Each day, their team of over 1,000 made up of talented engineers, bench jewelers, technologists, merchants, and other experts work to make their customers the hero, advance the jewelry industry, and be ready when things go awry.

While they may have evolved in the past five decades, they’ve maintained their superb customer service by keeping sight of their main focus: jewelers.


Mercury Ring

For over 80 years, Mercury Ring has maintained a stellar reputation as one of America’s leading diamond jewelry manufacturers. As a vertically integrated company, under their parent company Unique Designs, they take pride in maximizing their strength from diamond manufacturing to marketing. By bringing in the latest trends and innovative designs, they offer the finest designer jewelry crafted to perfection.



CrownRing designs matrimonial jewelry collections offering both men's and women's wedding bands, engagement rings, anniversary bands and more to honor the couple in love. The CrownRing brand currently boasts eight collections, each unique in design and style, ensuring that they offer rings for all tastes; from their Torque Innovative Metals collection, which offers extremely durable men's wedding band styles in metals like tungsten, black ceramic and cobalt, to their Noam Carver Bridal line that offers exquisite engagement rings in over a hundred styles.

For unmatched craftsmanship, design and comfort, CrownRing is today's jewelry of choice. From gold and diamonds to alternative metals, CrownRing's collections have something for everyone to celebrate their special day.



Wedding rings represent what we most treasure – the never ending love and commitment shared between two people. The eternal round is the simplest of symbols. It simultaneously honors both the past and the future. Anciently, wedding rings were made of only the most precious metals, a symbol in and of itself. Today, rings are made in many materials to match the lifestyles, tastes and history of the diverse people who wear them.

At Lashbrook, they give you the freedom to create your own ring. You don’t have to settle for what someone else thinks is a great style. Instead, you choose the materials, the design, the engraving – everything. It’s your ring.

They are here to make you the ring that tells your story – that represents you, your spouse and your union.


Triton Rings

Triton Rings, a division of Frederick Goldman, Inc., is based in New York City. They specialize in alternative metal wedding bands for today's modern man and are most well known for their patented formula TC850 tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands, which can be found only at well respected jewelry stores across the country.

Triton prides itself on its ability to take art and jewelry design beyond the use of traditional precious metals. Through the use of innovative engineering techniques, they are able to create bold cutting edge styles using tough new kinds of metals for men with active lifestyles who can appreciate jewelry.



Alamea Hawaii began in 1991 selling jewelry and hand-made koa wood pendants at arts and crafts fairs throughout Hawaii. Their first store opened in 1998 featuring jewelry inspired by the location in beautiful Waikiki, Hawaii.

Precious is their character, therefore they took the Hawaiian name of Alamea. Their mission became to pull the most stunning elements in nature and craft them into breathtaking symbols of love’. More than twenty years have passed since they first started putting these words into action and they have proven to be the foundation of their success.They have built upon this foundation with the upmost desire to celebrate life’s unforgettable moments at the highest quality and standards.


Frederick Goldman

Frederick Goldman, Inc. has grown to one of the largest branded and private label jewelry design, manufacturing, and distribution companies in North America.

Frederick Goldman, Inc. has a deep commitment to both the jewelry industry and the community at large.  Their goal is to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner to ensure their consumers have the utmost confidence in the integrity of their products.


ArtCarved Rings

ArtCarved Rings, another division of Frederick Goldman, Inc., is also based in New York City. They have been innovating and leading change in the wedding band industry since 1850. They are credited with the invention of seamless wedding bands, which made rings more comfortable to wear. Another innovation was the creation of wedding bands with carved designs, which meant people did not all have the same wedding band styles, hence the name "ArtCarved".

ArtCarved not only changed the industry, but they also help change wedding customs in this country and the world. During World War II, they help popularize the notion that both men and women should wear wedding bands to show the world as a symbol of their love and commitment. Today, it goes without thinking that men and women in any country in the world each wear a ring when they get married. Visit Artcarved to learn the complete history of this wonderful designer.


Benchmark Rings

Benchmark Rings was founded by Tom Tosyali, who developed an interest in gemstones and jewelry while growing up. In the 1960s Mr. Tosyali entered the bridal jewelry business, sourcing wedding bands and popular diamond duos to help get his fledgling business off the ground. Mr. Tosyali raised his two sons while his company grew and eventually they joined the family business. A.J., the older brother, joined his father in 1997 and is now Benchmark’s President. In 1999, his brother B.J. transferred his engineering degree to the family business’s Research & Development department.

Today, Benchmark's jewelry products can be found throughout the United States from local jewelry stores to the major national chains. Most of their ring styles are available in platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, tungsten and titanium. Benchmark's rings are of such high quality, they are one of the few manufacturers that offer a no fee lifetime warranty on all their solid style wedding rings (rings without stone settings). This means if anything should ever happen to your Benchmark Ring, from minor scratches to something as catastrophic as the ring breaking in half, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Please visit Benchmark online to learn more. Benchmark Wedding Band Catalog.


Novell Design Studio

Wedding band manufacturer, Novell Design Studio has prided itself on continually bringing spectacular innovation to the bridal jewelry industry. For over twenty years, Novell has specialized in customizing their wedding band designs to suit nearly any individual's particular needs, taste and diverse lifestyle. Since a modest start on 47th street in New York City, Novell has grown quite a bit in size, but their core production capabilities and quality standards have remained exactly the same, which has allowed for thousands upon thousands of customers to order their wedding band their way. The company's philosophy is simple - no customer should ever have to settle for just what is on the shelf. Novell can specially create almost all of their wedding band styles in different metals (platinum, palladium, and gold), widths, finishes, and much more. Whether combining aspects from several styles to create a unique one-of-a-kind design, or using Grandma's heirloom diamond, Novell can literally make the impossible a reality. All Novell wedding bands are made one at a time (and most by hand) on premise in Roselle, New Jersey. To learn more about this great American company please visit Novell's website.

If you wish to custom order products from Novell Design Studio, the catalog will be posted soon. Please visit our Novell Design Studio product page to view currently available rings.


Edward Mirell

Edward Mirell is an innovative American designer brand that creates and manufactures all their jewelry pieces in the USA. They specialize in contemporary metals, such as titanium, black titanium, anodized titanium and argentium silver. They even have titanium that is made using mokume gane techniques, which is call their Timoku line. Their designs are very cutting edge and contemporary. They have an excellent lifetime warranty policy that covers size exchanges and manufacturer's defects for a small fee.



Each Malo piece is distinguished by its comfort and workmanship, attesting to both the craftsman’s time-honoured skill and the most modern jewellery-making techniques. With more than 50 employees, and state of the art machinery, Malo stands ready to adapt any model to precisely meet the demands of your market, all the while maintaining the highest quality and value.