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Larson Rings Sketched and designed in USA

About Larson Jewelers

Our Story

Larson Jewelers was born out of a dissatisfaction with the mundane experience of shopping for men's wedding bands. Historically, the industry overlooked men's preferences, focusing predominantly on women's styles. This neglect left modern men yearning for more appealing ring options. We are honored to lead this revolution in men's wedding bands, providing innovative designs. From cutting-edge tungsten rings to sleek black wedding bands, from gold to platinum, not to mention lightweight and rugged titanium. Larson is your last stop on the quest for the perfect wedding ring


For over a decade, the team at Larson Jewelers has scoured the United States and beyond. Our mission? To unearth the newest trends, designs, and materials shaping the creation of our wedding bands, engagement rings, and other exquisite jewelry pieces. We proudly collaborate with manufacturers and brands prioritizing craftsmanship and design excellence. We work directly with miners for stones used in our products. In the case of lab grown diamonds, we work directly with the leading labs creating magnificent diamonds, passing the savings to our customers. We strive to be inclusive and offer something for everyone.

Personalize Your Perfection

We offer many options to turn your wedding ring to a cherished keepsake by personalizing it with state of the art laser engraving. Express your love with your own handwriting or commemorate a significant date, symbol, or image using our exclusive engraving options not provided elsewhere, adding a personal touch that transcends time. With engraving, your wedding ring becomes an expression of your unique story, creating a connection that resonates with you both.

Our Promise of Value

Directly engaging with miners ensures the authenticity and quality of the stones we use in our creations. For lab-grown diamonds, we forge direct relationships with leading labs, enabling us to pass on significant cost savings to our valued customers. Through this approach, we've amassed a vast selection of meticulously crafted, modern jewelry.

Vow of Service

Beyond simply sourcing exquisite jewelry, we place immense value on delivering a tailored experience and unparalleled customer support, mirroring the warmth and attentiveness of your favorite neighborhood jeweler, now available wherever you are. With a stellar Google rating of 4.7 stars, our dedication to providing exceptional service shines through, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way. Check out our testimonials.

Some of the stunning metals you will see in our rings.

Tungsten Rings by larson jewelers

Tungsten Rings

Virtually scratchproof and with a heavy weight associated with precious metals, tungsten is one of our favorite cutting-edge metals. Tungsten can be plated black as well as a variety of other colors like gold.

titanium rings by larson jewelers

Titanium Rings

Lightweight, yet extremely strong, this aircraft grade metal will not crack. It can be plated black, gold color, and more.

14k Gold rings by larson jewelers

Gold Rings

One of the oldest of the precious metals, a gold wedding ring is a timeless and traditional symbol of two people's love. Larson carries a wide selection of 14K gold rings, 18K gold rings, as well as a variety of stunning white gold wedding rings.

platinum rings by larson jewelers

Platinum Rings

Platinum is the king of all precious metals. It is a naturally white metal that needs no plating. Therefore, it will never change color. Read more to learn about its rich history as it continues to dominate the wedding jewelry market today.

silver ring finishes comparison

Ring Finishes

Learn about the different types of finishes available for any ring. Understand the difference between Satin, Brushed, Polished and Hammered finishes.