Personalized Bereavement Rings & Memorial Jewelry

Personalized Bereavement Rings & Memorial Jewelry

Memorial Jewelry

We understand the impact that losing a family member or friend may have on your life. Larson Jewelers now offers specific engraving options that will allow you to remember your loved ones forever and to cherish them in a tangible object. You are able to honor them by adding a special laser engraving to a tungsten ring that should take no longer than a day to complete the process. Memorial Jewelry is ideal for remembering your loved ones since they are personalized and unique. Tungsten rings, pendants, and other memorial jewelry can now be personalized with your loved one’s actual fingerprint or handwriting. No matter how old, messy or faint the fingerprint or handwriting is, we are determined to meet your needs, so please contact us at with an attached photo and we will let you know if we are able to perform the engraving.

Larson Jewelers is able to professionally touch up handwriting and prepare them for laser engraving. This would make an ideal piece to commemorate your loved one. Please email us with a photo of the writing at and we will let you know if it is possible to laser engrave.

We are able to professionally clean up fingerprints and engrave them to create a unique piece of jewelry. Obtaining a fingerprint of someone that has passed might be difficult, but provide us with the best depiction of a fingerprint that you have and we will have our top graphic designers work with the prints. Fingerprints take no longer than a day to process and laser engrave on your tungsten rings or other bereavement jewelry.

Baby footprints from birth certificates are very popular. Along with fingerprints, Larson Jewelers is also able to engrave footprints and hand prints on rings and pendants. We have had other requests to laser engrave tungsten wedding bands with lips or whole finger engravings as well.


noun \bi-ˈrēv-mənt, bē-\ (merriam-webster)
1. the state of being sad because a family member or friend has recently died
2. the death of a family member or friend

Bereavement Rings & Bereavement Engraving Options

Your loved ones fingerprint is unique, no one in history will have the same fingerprint ever again and that is why we consider it the perfect kind of engraving to have on your tungsten ring to symbolize your loved one. Handwriting is also a form that encapsulates who a loved one was. Larson Jewelers is able to professionally take an individual’s handwriting and engrave it onto a tungsten ring for you. We have perfected the art and have successfully engraved thousands of fingerprints and handwriting samples onto rings.

Along with fingerprints and handwriting, we are also able to engrave anything you feel will symbolize your loved one best. We have had engraving requests for foot prints, hand prints, lips and even portraits of the individual. We will try our best to accommodate any request you might have. If you have an idea for a custom laser engraving and you would like to see if it can be done, just give us a call or email us at

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