Diamond Tips

Diamond Tips

Diamond Cut Tips

1. The diamonds with the best cuts may appear larger than the actual carat weight.

2. Larson Jewelers considers the cut of a diamond to be the second most important aspect.

3. Poorly cut diamonds will appear dull and have a similar resemblance to glass.

4. Shape and cut are used incorrectly by many jewelers in the industry. The shape of a diamond describes its form, such as a round or oval shaped diamond. A diamond's cut determines the amount of light that is being reflected.

5. The highest quality cut diamonds are the most valuable and rare due to the amount of skill and experience required by the diamond cutter.


Diamond Color Tips

1. Larson Jewelers considers color to be the most important characteristic of a diamond, right above cut.

2. The larger the diamond, the more noticeable the color is. This tip should be considered for two carat diamonds or larger.

3. There is very little difference between single color grades, such as I to J. This should be considered when looking at diamond prices.

4. Certain metals may complement the color of certain diamond colors. Diamonds graded I or J are best with yellow gold while grades D to H are best complimented by white gold and platinum.


Diamond Clarity

1. Most imperfections are too small and cannot be seen by the human eye.

2. You may be able to purchase a diamond with a noticeable imperfection and hide it under a metal prong from your setting.

3. Larger diamonds have larger facets which emphasize the clarity of a diamond.