About Ring Finishes

Information about Different Types of Finishes
One of the ways to give rings a different appearance is to give them different finishes. This way the same ring style can have many different variations. The most common finishes are: polished, satin, brushed and hammered. Newer finishes that we will go over include wire brushed and sandblasted.
Type of Finish Picture of Finish Description of Finish

Polished Finish
Polish finished rings are the most common finish on rings and jewelry. This type of finish is very shiny and reflective. You should be able to clearly see your reflection in the ring. For those who like their ring to be noticed, this finish is an excellent option. The drawback to this style is that scratches are easily noticed on polished finish rings. Please note, polished tungsten rings are highly scratch resistant and maintain their shine unlike any other metal.


Satin Finish
Satin finished rings are smooth to the touch like like polished finish rings. However, you will not be able to see your reflection on the surface of the ring. It is kind of like a mirror that is fogged up. For example, a bathroom mirror after you take a shower. This type of finish is best for those who like the smoothness of a polished finish ring, but do not want the shininess of that finish.


Brushed Finish
A brushed finish is similar to a satin finish. Both, the satin finish and the brush finish are not shiny. The difference is that a brushed finish has a texture to it. It looks as if the texture was made with a wire brush. You can see tiny brush-like marks on the finish , hence the name brushed finish. This type of finish is very popular on men's brushed finish tungsten wedding bands because it is not shiny and if the ring gets scratched, it will not show up easily on the ring's surface.


Hammeredcard-img Finish
This type of finish is quite popular with men who prefer a non-shiny finish and want something unique. The texture of this finish is a dimpled look, that looks like a hammer was used to pound each dimple on the surface of the ring, thus the name of this finish. This finish is usually two finishes in one. First, it is hammered, then a satin finish is applied to the hammered finish so it will not be reflective.

Wire BrushedNew!

Wire Brushed Finish
One of our newest kinds of finishes that we offer is the beautiful wire brush finish. This finish is similar to brushed, but with deeper more noticeable brush marks. This finish resembles fine hairs in a way and offers those that like smooth rings without a polished finish.


Sandblasted Finish
Sandblasted is a very noticeable and coarse finish. You can definitely feel this finish at the tip of your fingers. Sandblasted rings have a slight grainy feel and is the perfect fit for anyone interested in textured finishes.

Please note: There are various other finishes available and new ones are being created all the time, but these are the most popular finishes.