10mm Tungsten Rings

For men who like wedding bands a bit wider than traditional bands, the 10mm Tungsten rings from Larson Jewelers are the optimum choice. These durable, statement-making wedding bands are also ideal for women who may prefer a single wider wedding band instead of two narrower rings.

10mm Tungsten Rings

You'll find a fabulous array of wide tungsten rings in styles and colors suitable for men and women, including black, gray and white tungsten, along with a variety of different plating, inlay and style options.

Wide Wedding Bands

Plain tungsten wedding bands make a sleek and simple statement. Black tungsten provides a modern, edgy look, while our white tungsten rings feature a brilliant hue comparable to platinum. Gray tungsten gives you a go-with-anything look, adding a dash of class by its mere presence alone. Gold-plated tungsten rings are another option, as are tungsten and ceramic combinations.

Inlays add both interest and another layer of style to wedding bands, and we have a beautiful array of inlays from which to choose. Wood inlays add a warm and modern feel, with wood tones that range from deep mahogany to lighter koa wood. Other inlay options include blue, green, brown and camo. Carbon fiber inlays are in the lineup, as are a variety of textures and designs.

Opt for a wide wedding band with Celtic and engraved features, or choose one with a hammered, polished, satin or brushed finish. Additional style options for our 10mm tungsten rings include beveled, domed and flat, giving you a wide selection of options to find just the right ring for you.

10mm Tungsten Ring Benefits

Choose a tungsten ring and you're choosing one of the strongest materials on earth. Tungsten is scratch-resistant and incredibly durable, making it a great choice for those with active lifestyles. One more plus is its ability to mimic higher-priced metals, such as platinum, at a more affordable price point. Contact us with any questions or for additional assistance. Browse our collection of 10mm tungsten wedding bands today.