2mm Tungsten Rings

2mm Tungsten Rings

The collection of two-millimeter tungsten rings at Larson Jewelers includes ultimate strength in a slim profile. Find delicate-looking rings that stand up to all of life's challenges in our collection of two-millimeter wedding bands for women and men.

Slim but Sturdy

We've all heard the phrase small but mighty. That perfectly describes our collection of two-millimeter tungsten carbide rings. Tungsten is the most scratch-resistant and durable material on Earth, second only to diamonds. A two-millimeter ring is the slimmest profile we offer, which makes it the perfect match for this metal that's stronger than steel. Whether you need a two-millimeter men's wedding band for his aesthetic tastes or a two-millimeter women's ring for her elegant preferences, our collection offers slim but sturdy rings that stand up to a lifetime of commitment.

Limited Size, Unlimited Style

Like a 14-line sonnet, our two-millimeter tungsten wedding bands fit a lot of substance into a short form. Browse white tungsten rings with the brilliance of platinum at a fraction of the price alongside bold, black designs that say a lot in a little space. Find a variety of eye-catching finishes like diamond facets and coarse sandblasted, as well as two-millimeter flat tungsten rings that keep a lower profile. From rose gold plating to wood inlays to the smooth look of polished ceramic, this collection offers a broad range of style choices for anyone with a preference for a slim ring.

Cutting-Edge and Custom Creations

Larson Jewelers brings you a wide inventory of men's and women's rings in cutting-edge materials like tungsten for a hassle-free online shopping experience. Our experienced wedding band consultants are ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect rings to tell your unique love story. Make your choice personal with custom engraving of your names, the date or even your fingerprints for a special touch you'll both treasure. Our collection includes options for every lifestyle, taste and budget.