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Our vast collection of Tungsten Rings ensures that there is a unique band for everyone. From delicate, stackable 2mm rings to the heavy duty, masculine 20mm, these rings come in many colors, finishes and styles.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

Even gold, silver and titanium bands can get scratched, but tungsten carbide rings are scratch-resistant, harder than steel and 10 times harder than gold. From a men's tungsten carbide ring to a Triton ring or black tungsten ring, they will look like new for years to come. This super-strong metal is also more affordable than gold or silver, making it a budget-friendly alternative for a wedding or engagement ring.

While the terms tungsten and tungsten carbide are often interchanged, they are different. Tungsten, periodic table element 74, is dark-grey and hard, ranking 8 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Tungsten carbide is an alloy of tungsten, nickel, tantalum, niobium, titanium and chromium - and it's even harder, ranking 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale.

Our durable tungsten carbide rings for men can even be laser engraved with a personalized message. A lifetime warranty covers accidental damage and size exchanges.