Best Seller Sale on Wedding Bands & Rings

The perfect marriage of comfort and craftsmanship. Shop our best selling wedding bands and rings for him or her! Our list includes stunning collections from men's tungsten wedding bands; titanium wedding bands, 14k gold rings, and diamond engagement rings. All of these are designed to be as unique as your love story!

Best Seller Sale On Wedding Bands & Rings

Despite being so popular with couples looking for something special, every ring sold is unique because no two people are alike when it comes down to selecting exactly what will "secure" them forever.

Let’s introduce you to a few of our top selling Categories/Collections:

Black Tungsten

Black tungsten wedding bands are not your average style. They combine the virtually indestructible nature of this metal with a unique and eye-catching look, which makes them perfect for those who want something different than what you can get at any jewelry store! Men's black tungsten provides men power as well as sophistication because of its color which symbolizes both strength yet also elegance - perfect if you're looking for something modern!

Titanium Rings

Titanium has become the metal to have for men’s wedding bands. It's lightweight, incredibly durable, and can handle daily wear without damages or scratches, even after multiple refinishing touches up! The color of titanium wedding bands compares closely with platinum, but features an amazing silver tone that will match any outfit. The color is also not too light nor dark like other metals such as gold. Each titanium wedding band is constructed from high-grade aircraft material, which makes them hypoallergenic so you don't need to worry about skin irritation.

Men's Gold Wedding Bands

A gold wedding band is a shining symbol of your love, commitment and your history together. Let Larson's finest spark a new meaning with you in your future! These wedding bands exemplify timeless style & elegance- whether it’s with our 14K gold, rose gold, yellow gold to even our 18K white & yellow gold wedding bands. We have what you're looking for to represent that special day when two lives become one!

Unique Inlay Rings

Larson Jewelers is proud to present our line of wedding bands with inlays. Made from the highest quality materials, our wedding bands with inlays are ideal for those who expect nothing but excellence. We offer a wide variety of inlays including wood, carbon fiber, silver, gold , platinum, palladium, to even dinosaur bones & more! The ultimate in luxury wedding bands are now available!