Black Titanium

Our black titanium rings are created with a micronized coating, adding a sleek, black finish to the unsurpassed strength of titanium. From classic styles to alluring additions such as black sapphires, our black titanium bands offer a modern twist on the traditional ring.

Black Titanium Wedding Bands

Black rings have been in fashion since the Greeks and Romans crafted them from onyx, and black wedding rings are still a popular choice for many couples today. They’re hypoallergenic and lightweight, making them comfortable to wear. Black titanium wedding bands are also strong enough to resist everyday wear without bending.

Black titanium wedding bands have been through a process to chemically alter the titanium at a molecular level, which gives them their dark color. Unlike some bands made with a thin coating over silver titanium, true black titanium rings are black all the way through. Any accidental scratches will be virtually invisible.

But they’re not just for that special wedding day. Both men’s and women’s rings make great gifts to mark any special occasion, from birthdays to graduation.