Engagement rings are special rings. They are in a class all by itself; the purpose and symbolism is far beyond their decorative function. For men, it is the wedding ring that is the most common item of jewelry and for many - the only one. This article will discuss the (wedding ring trends) of today and why this piece of jewelry is so popular.

No matter the current (trend, rings) should be comfortable, durable and hypo-allergenic. Of course, they should also meet aesthetic criteria. The comfort a wedding band depends on many factors, including the anatomy of the finger. However, there are some general aspects that I want to note:


First off, look at the overall comfort of the band. This means that the inner part of the ring should be rounded off. As a result, edges are faded and this allows the finger some room to breathe. It should be sufficiently thick and heavier than a common flat wall-style ring. The thicker your wedding band, the higher the price (at least that is the way the system works). Some manufacturers may leave their rings with sharp edges instead of rounding them off. Never go for one of these unless you prefer this style of band and it is up for a great price.


Secondly, check out the durability. The best wedding bands will not lose its round shape despite constant wear and tear. The normal thickness will range from 1.5 to 2.7 mm. The type of metal used for the ring is also really important. Knowing how to differentiate the hardness of each metal is extremely vital when choosing a wedding ring. Some metals will wear faster than others. For instance, 10k gold is the hardest of the gold alloys, however it wears pretty quickly. If you like the look of white metal, all signs point to palladium or platinum, depending on the budget you have.

Gold is the primary (and only) yellow metal that men look to when it comes to wedding rings. However, low carat gold rings have low metal content and poor color. With that being said, 24 carat is usually the way to go. Alternative metals such as tungsten, titanium, zirconium etc. are not subject to this because they are not included in the precious metals group.


When it comes to design, simple is always better. My advice for aesthetic balance and quality will speak volumes over complicated details. (Wedding ring trends) help manufacturers design their rings to reflect a certain subjective choice, taste and personality. However, in my experience, I have met men who have regretted their choice in design because it they ended up being impractical. If a man uses his hands a lot, especially for hard labor, it is important that he have a ring that can withstand the daily impact.

The great thing about doing research on wedding bands is that you end up ahead of the (trend. Rings) should be for life and, no matter the choice you make, remember that the few classic men's designs that have endured the test of time one thing in common - they were practical like most men.