Most couples realize wedding bands, like all metals can be engraved.  However, many couples don’t realize exactly what can be engraved and where their engravings can be done on their wedding rings.  They also don’t know that there is more than one way to engrave a ring.
These days, there are two types of engraving methods.  One is called traditional or etched engraving and the other is called laser engraving.  Traditional or etched engravings are done the old fashioned way, by carving the engraving onto the surface of the ring.  Essentially, this means your engraving is scratched on to your ring, like you would carve into a piece of wood to make a sign.  Laser engraving is a newer technique that is being used for rings made of harder metals, such as tungsten carbide, or tungsten for short.  Laser engravers are electronic, meaning they use software and a computer to do the engraving.  They burn your engraving on to the surface of the ring.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter how hard or scratch resistant of a metal your jewelry is made of, a laser engraver will be able to engrave it, and it will be easily readable.
When asked what they want engraved on their wedding bands, most couples don’t realize it doesn’t have to be regular block print font, like the font in this article.  Engraving machines are quite sophisticated these days and they offer many fonts to choose from.  Besides regular print font, there are cursive fonts, calligraphy fonts, or even non Roman alphabet fonts, such as Arabic or Hebrew.  Laser engravers are able to engrave just about any font there is.  The basic rule of thumb is any font you can see in Microsoft Word can be engraved.  Traditional engravings are mostly done mechanically and are stamped or etched on to the surface of the ring.  They usually have fewer font options.
Couples also don’t realize engravings don’t only have to be letters or text.  Many symbols such as hearts, crosses and other commonly used symbols can also be engraved on to the ring in place of words.  You can even engrave pictures or images. Traditional engravers usually cannot do images or symbols.  You would need to find a jeweler or engraving company that has a laser engraver and specializes in doing engravings on jewelry.
Most people want their engravings done on the inside their rings.  The inside of a ring is the part of the ring that is touching your finger when you put the ring on your finger.  Once the ring is on your finger, you won’t be able to see the engraving anymore.  You would have to take it off to see the engraving.  This keeps their special message to themselves and not for the whole world to see.  However, some couples want a design or pattern on the outside of the ring or they want their engraving message done on the outside of the ring for the whole world to see.  This can be easily done.  Just let your jeweler or engraving company know if you want your engraving done on the outside of the ring.  There should not be any extra charges for this as long as the engraving you want done normally wouldn’t incur an extra charge on the inside of the ring either.

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