Wood Inlay Rings and Wood Inlay Wedding Bands

One of the most unique styles available. These wooden wedding rings are made using real wood inlay, which can be seen by the wood grain which goes from side to side, instead of the circumference of the ring.  These wood ring styles are made into tungsten wedding bands and ceramic rings.  Pure wood rings are not durable enough and will need to be replaced frequently.  That is why our rings are made with a wood inlay.  They provide a warm earthy design with the durability of alternative metals.

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Our tough wood inlay styles made with tungsten or ceramic offer the best of both worlds.  The ring itself is constructed out of scratch resistant tungsten or black ceramic.  A channel is then machined into the middle of the ring, and real exotic woods are inlaid into the channel.  Next, the wood inlay is sealed into the channel with a clear resin.  The resin protects the wood inlay from the elements.  Other manufacturers do not protect the wood, and as soon as the thin coat of enamel wears away, the wood is exposed to moisture, which causing the wood to rot away.  by: