White Tungsten Rings and White Wedding Bands

White Tungsten is the ideal choice for men and women who prefer their wedding bands to have the same white metal color as platinum or white gold and similar durability of tungsten wedding bands.  Through years of research, our manufacturers have created the perfect wedding ring.  It combines the beauty and luxury of platinum group metals with the durability and affordability of tungsten carbide wedding bands.  A unique manufacturing process bonds rhodium, a platinum group metal, to tungsten, which makes the tungsten white like the color of platinum.  Our white tungsten rings come with the same great manufacturer backed lifetime warranties as our regular tungsten rings.  White tungsten is the ideal wedding band for women who want their wedding bands' color to match more closely with their engagement ring, or men who prefer their rings to have the color of white gold while retaining the durability of tungsten.

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White tungsten is made by using a thermal spray coating.  This means the platinum group metal is heated to a semi molten state and then sprayed on to the tungsten ring at super high velocities, which can approach the speed of light.  This forms a coating that is not easily scratched off because the material is embedded into the tungsten ring and becomes one with the ring.

White tungsten is also an excellent choice for the small percentage of the population that has a nickel allergy.  Regular tungsten rings contain nickel.  Although this amount is less than the nickel content in most other jewelry, in extreme cases some people still develop an allergic reaction to tungsten jewelry.  White tungsten is plated with a platinum group metal and platinum group metals are the most hypoallergenic metals.  The plating on white tungsten rings acts as a barrier.  Therefore, your skin is never in contact with tungsten, kind of like your the sheet metal of your car being covered in paint so it cannot react and form rust.  Tungsten is classified as a transition metal.  Transition metals are very hard, resist scratching and have high melting points.  This is why tungsten is such a durable metal. Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding white tungsten. by: