Camo Wedding Rings

Outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel are especially fond of the camo wedding rings from Larson Jewelers, and for very good reason. Our camo wedding bands feature real military-style designs and authentic colors, along with a few variations on the theme. The ring bands are crafted out of highly durable tungsten, one of the strongest materials on earth.

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Camo Rings

Camo Wedding Ring Options

Our pink camo wedding ring is one of the variations on the camo theme, offering a gorgeous camo option aligned with modern trends. Other camouflage colors include gray, green, desert and black, providing plenty of options for a wide range of personalities and taste.

The base material for most of our camo wedding bands is tungsten, although you may find a few variations in the lineup. The pink camo ring is again an example, featuring a black zirconium band that contrasts keenly with the light pink inlay. Style options in the collection include beveled, domed, flat, polished and extra-wide.

Camo Wedding Band Creation

Tungsten is an ideal material for our camo wedding bands, due to its terrific durability and strength. We first cut a channel deep into the metal, providing a secure place for the camouflage design to be inlaid. Once the camo inlay is in place, the channel is filled with a clear resin to seal and protect the design from wear and tear.

The result is a strong, sensational ring, which can be used as a wedding band, engagement ring or both. Custom engraving is another option we offer, allowing you to further personalize your camo ring with any text or symbols you wish. Contact us with any questions or for additional guidance while selecting your wedding bands. We have 10 years' experience in the industry and are always happy to help. Browse the collection of camo rings at Larson Jewelers today.