Cobalt Rings

Our cobalt rings are similar in weight and appearance to white gold, and offer durability at a fraction of the cost. Shop our inventory of modern, stylish choices featuring this innovative metal.

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Cobalt Chrome Rings

Cobalt wedding bands won't count as your "something blue," but they are a perfect way to celebrate your love. This durable, scratch-resistant metal is more accurately known as cobalt chrome. Together, cobalt and chrome form a strong bond that turns the metal's signature deep blue color into a stunning white. As white as platinum rings or white gold, these rings are an affordable option for white jewelry. They're even whiter than titanium wedding bands and offer a better scratch resistance. Plus, they don't require rhodium plating to keep their color.

Cobalt is free of nickel alloys and hypoallergenic. It's even used in the medical implant industry because it's bio-compatible and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. A cobalt chrome ring is a perfect selection for someone who experiences sensitivity to traditional jewelry metals. Both women's and men's cobalt wedding bands are budget-friendly. Check out our selection of other affordable wedding rings.