While they won't count as your "something blue," the cobalt wedding bands from Larson Jewelers do count as something extraordinary. The rings in this collection are made from a durable, scratch-resistant metal technically known as cobalt chrome. When cobalt and chrome are combined, they form a strong bond that turns cobalt's signature deep blue color into a stunning white.

Cobalt Chrome Rings

The color is as brilliant as platinum rings or white gold, and even whiter than titanium wedding bands. Yet our cobalt wedding rings offer better scratch resistance and are available at a fraction of the cost.

Remarkable Cobalt Wedding Bands

While shimmering white and striking silver are two of the most popular color choices, they're not the only colors you'll find in our cobalt wedding band collection. Black cobalt serves as a sleek, modern option for wedding bands, as does any color cobalt with precious metal inlays.

Inlay options include gold, white gold, silver, rose gold and even camo. Gemstone inlays are another option, providing something blue with blue sapphires. You'll also find cobalt wedding rings featuring eye-catching designs, such as a red baseball lace pattern for the avid baseball fan.

You can also customize your rings with engraving from Larson Jewelers, adding any text or symbols you wish. This can always be done on the ring's interior, and certain styles allow for exterior engraving as well.

Additional Cobalt Ring Benefits

As if stylish good looks aren't enough, our cobalt wedding rings come with even more benefits.Cobalt is hypoallergenic and free of nickel alloys. You'll even find cobalt in the medical implant industry because it's bio-compatible and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. That makes a cobalt chrome ring the perfect selection for someone who experiences sensitivity to traditional jewelry metals.

With so much going for them, cobalt wedding rings can certainly make for the ideal choice. Contact us with any questions or if you'd like additional guidance. Browse the cobalt wedding ring selection at Larson Jewelers today.