Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus steel rings at Larson Jewelers put the weight of history in your hands. Browse these uniquely beautiful rings for men of action and women of substance. Damascus steel wedding rings add meaningful depth to your love story.

The Ancient Legacy of Damascus Steel

Choosing a Damascus steel ring means wearing a piece of history. Middle Eastern sword makers of the third and fourth centuries developed a method of melting iron and steel together, reducing it in a carbon-fueled fire, then forging weapons from the cooled alloy. These swords were incredibly hard and flexible while maintaining a keen knife edge. Though the exact methods used have been lost to time, modern metalworkers recreate the signature wavy look of Damascus steel by layering iron and steel together under high heat.

Our Damascus Steel Wedding Ring Collection

The Damascus steel rings in our collection make a bold statement. Choose a Damascus steel men's ring for the groom who's a history buff or for the bride with ancestral roots in the Middle East. Many have etched details that enhance the unique waved patterns with a tactile element. The Damascus steel rings in our collection are made by Thorsten, one of our favorite brands that offers the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the industry. 

Damascus Steel Rings Pros and Cons:


  • A truly modern look - the pattern on each ring is unique
  • Easily custom engravable and resizable
  • Strong and lightweight


  • Doesn't hold value the way precious metals like gold do
  • Not set with gemstones
  • Lacks the weighty feel of gold or tungsten

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