Damascus Steel Rings

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Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus steel rings come out of an ancient metal-working tradition. Damascus steel was historically used to make swords, because the metal was durable, flexible and incredibly strong.

This material’s legacy is carried on through its strength and distinctive appearance. Today’s Damascus wedding bands are made by forging two types of stainless steel and are worked by hand to produce the namesake patterns.

Damascus rings are one-of-a-kind jewelry, as no two designs will emerge exactly alike. Given their rich past, they are a wonderful pick for history lovers and those with family roots in the Middle East. Larson Jewelers caries a range of men’s Damascus rings, including one with Maltese crosses etched into it and a few with simple, swirled patterns or beveled edges.

A Damascus steel wedding band evokes the past, while still looking modern and masculine. Check out Larson Jewelers’ full selection of unique wedding bands , or order a custom ring that matches your vision.