Diamond Education

Diamond Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eye-clean diamond?
An eye clean diamond refers to a diamond that, to the naked eye, appears colorless and flawless. These diamonds usually have a clarity grade of “SI3” or better and color grade of “I” or better. Purchasing eye-clean diamonds allows a larger diamond on a smaller budget.

How big of a diamond should I buy?
Budget is always a top concern when deciding what size diamond you should buy. The price difference between a .5 ct ($720) diamond and a 1ct ($3240) diamond is drastic. However, a .5 ct diamond measures about 5.15 mm in diameter and a 1 ct diamond measures about 6.35 mm in diameter. So in the end you end up paying a premium for the extra millimeter

What is clarity and how does it affect how a diamond appears?
A diamond’s clarity is a measurement that takes into consideration how many tiny imperfections there are and how large they are. These imperfections are usually not visible unless under a microscope.

How is cut measured?
The cut of a diamond is measured by using a measuring device that creates a 3-D model that determines proportions and angles. Computer modeling allows you to see how light behaves when entering and exiting the top (face-up appearance) of a diamond.

What does diamond fluorescence mean?
Fluorescent diamonds are defined as showing a visible reaction when exposed to UV radiation (ultraviolet). There is no difference in appearance between fluorescent diamonds and regular diamonds.