Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Larson Jewelers provides an excellent selection of pink sapphire engagement rings. A sapphire is a beautiful gemstone and provides great durability, rating a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. These gemstones are created from a mineral called Corundum and when mixed with impurities from Chronium, it creates a pinkish tinge, hence a pink sapphire. These precious gemstones set in a precious metal wedding band will surely be breathtaking.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

The Pink Sapphire Ring Collection at Larson Jewelers will tickle her pink. Whether it's to ask for her hand in marriage or to celebrate her September birthday, this collection includes beautiful choices that blush with excitement.

A Rosy Future

The road ahead looks bright for the two of you. Symbolize that rosy outlook with a pink sapphire ring from our collection. Find elegant solitaires in our collection with round or princess cuts, as well as options that pair white sapphires with a center pink stone for extra brilliance without the added expense of diamonds. We use lab-created sapphires for the look of perfection that fits almost any budget.

Blushing Bride

The choice of blush as a bridal color is trending. This pale hue adds subtle elegance to bridesmaids' dresses, flowers and cake decorations. The pink sapphire engagement rings in our collection complement this theme better than any other choice. Our rings are available in a variety of metals, including popular white gold and opulent platinum for a nice contrast against a rosy stone. For the ultimate blushing bling, a rose gold pink sapphire ring enhances the warmth of the gem and fits seamlessly into any wedding theme.

September Birthstone

Though perfect for an engagement proposal, a pink sapphire ring makes an excellent gift for other occasions, as well. Celebrate her graduation or show her you'd marry her again on your anniversary with a gorgeous pink sapphire ring from our collection. If her birthday is in September, that makes sapphire her birthstone - and a delicate pink version might be a welcome change from the expected blue sapphire.

Custom Ring Shopping Experience

Find your perfect fit at Larson Jewelers, whether you're looking for pink sapphire engagement rings that wow or men's tungsten wedding bands that stand up to hardworking hands. Add a personal touch with custom engraving of your names, a date or even your fingerprint to create a lasting memento of love. Our mission is to provide a hassle-free ring shopping experience that adds joy and meaning to your special occasion.