Extra Wide Tungsten Rings

Make a bold and memorable statement with the lineup of lineup of extra-wide tungsten rings from Larson Jewelers. These men's wedding bands are the ultimate in stand-out style, featuring widths all the way up to our extreme 20mm. Many men (and some women) have come to appreciate the look of heavy, wide, extra-thick wedding bands. They're right here waiting for you, in a stunning variety of colors and styles.

Extra Wide Tungsten Rings

Extra-Wide Tungsten Ring Options

The first thing you may notice about our extra-wide rings is the variety of colors. Black tungsten wedding bands have become an extremely popular pick, and they look particularly stylish in extra-wide options. White tungsten is another striking choice, providing an ultra-white sheen that's known to outshine white gold and platinum.

Other band color options include rose gold and silver, and the list of colors for the inlays is even longer. Choose from wood, blue, green, brown and even camo patterns, all inlaid on the super-strong and durable tungsten carbide base. Ring styles in this collection include beveled, domed and polished, any one of which makes for a handsome statement.

Tungsten Wedding Band Benefits

As one of the strongest materials on earth, tungsten carbide is scratch-resistant and highly durable. It can also mimic the look of more expensive materials, but it comes at a lower price point. Incredible value and high quality have long been the hallmarks of Larson Jewelers, and this certainly holds true with our extra-wide tungsten wedding bands.

This collection also showcases another characteristic for which we've become well-known: offering a selection of stand-out jewelry you simply won't find anywhere else. We've delighted hundreds of thousands of customers over our 10-year history in the industry, and we continue to offer the latest styles that align with modern trends. Feel free to contact us with any questions or additional guidance. Check out our extra-wide wedding band collection today.