Enjoy the ultimate in customized wedding bands with a fingerprint ring from Larson Jewelers. These one-of-a-kind rings give you an opportunity to keep your loved one's touch with you always, with a unique fingerprint engraving from your loved one's fingertip.


The wedding bands in this collection include a lineup of ring colors, materials and styles that best showcase the engraved fingerprint. If desired, you can get a fingerprint engraved in any style ring or other jewelry you wish. You can also combine fingerprint engraving with other elements, such as text or symbols, creating a personalized masterpiece you'll cherish for years.

Fingerprint Ring Options

Fingerprint engraving works best on either very light or very dark bases, which opens to door to all types of materials. Choose from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or striking silver to contrast beautifully with a darker print. Opt for a black tungsten wedding band with a lighter print, which also creates a stunning contrast.

The ring widths and sizes are wide open. Fingerprint engraving is possible on a band as thin as one mm, and all the way up to 12mm. You'll also find the engraving works on a variety of different ring styles. These include beveled, domed, flat, polished, brushed, satin, grooved, concave and milgrain.

Fingerprint Wedding Band Benefits

The best thing about our fingerprint rings? Their optimum uniqueness. Every fingerprint is 100% unique, which means every ring bearing the fingerprint boasts the same exclusive nature. You're also able to further personalize your ring with your choice of materials, style and additional engraving on the ring's exterior or interior.

With 10 years in the industry, Larson Jewelers is known for offering wedding jewelry you can't find anywhere else. Our fingerprint wedding bands are a prime case in point. Contact us with any questions or additional guidance with your selection. Browse the fingerprint jewelry collection today.