Koa Wood

Our Koa Wood Necklaces feature rare and precious koa wood from Hawaii. These fun necklaces are a great way to incorporate tropical flair into your style.

Koa Wood

Hawaiian Koa wood necklaces at Larson Jewelers bring unrivaled beauty to any gift-giving occasion. Give the symbol of kings and warriors crafted into gorgeous jewelry for men and women to anyone with a passion for history and the natural world.

The Wood of Warriors and Kings

In the native Hawaiian language, "Koa" means warrior. King Kamehameha and his warriors used this incredibly hard wood to craft fearsome weapons and watertight canoes during his reign of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The name stuck partly due to this history but also because Koa wood was prevalent throughout the lives of early Hawaiians, who made it into bowls, carving instruments, boats, ukuleles and, later, the first surf boards.

A Rare and Valuable Beauty

Much of Hawaii's Koa forests were appropriated for grazing land in the 1800s. Today, Koa trees are revered and nurtured, and the wood is a valuable export found only on the islands of Hawaii. The state and its people value the wood so highly that no live trees are ever cut down, so Koa wood necklaces and other objects are only crafted from previously fallen trees harvested from the ground, which aligns with Larson Jeweler's commitment to sustainable and conflict-free jewelry. Woodworkers and jewelry makers around the globe seek out this material for its vivid chatoyancy - aka the lustrous striations of reddish color in its sumptuous grain.

Unisex Koa Wood Necklaces

Whatever the gift-giving occasion, Hawaiian Koa wood necklaces make a meaningful statement. From your globe-trotting cousin to your beach-loving sister to your friend with ancestors on the Big Island, everyone can appreciate the rich look and fine craftsmanship of these beautiful pieces. Our collection includes a wide assortment of designs to suit a range of lifestyles and tastes, from a simple heart- or rectangular-shaped pendant to a Christian cross and virtually all the flora and fauna of the islands.

The Gift of Hassle-Free Shopping

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