Solitaire Necklaces

Solitaire Necklaces

The Meaning and History of Diamond Solitaires

Solitaire diamond jewelry is a true celebration of this gemstone’s purity, brilliance and positive energy. Some believe that the intense radiance and reflection of a diamond inspires resourcefulness and creativity in its wearer.

Solitaire jewelry is characterized by a diamond or other gemstone set within a piece of jewelry by itself, with no other stones in the design. Think of diamond stud earrings, for example. They are simply the diamonds in a setting, usually what is called a classic basket setting.

Any type of jewelry can feature a solitaire gem — rings, necklaces, bracelets, broches, etc. Solitaire diamond rings happen to be the most popular ring style on the market currently, but they have a long history. As far back as Ancient Rome, single diamonds set in plain gold bands were all the rage. They remained a favorite, but the trend really shot up in the 1940s, accompanied by a huge boom in sales.

In the case of solitaire diamond engagement rings, the lone diamond signifies pure and eternal love between a bride and groom. Since the diamond is known as the hardest material on earth, it conveys a sense of the indestructible bond between two lovers becoming partners in marriage.

The Sophistication of Solitaire Diamond Necklaces

In a necklace, solitaire diamonds are just as extraordinary. They can be every bit as sophisticated — or even more — as several smaller diamonds within a complex design. A perfect example is our 14kt White Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace, which features a stunning four mm faceted diamond in a simple setting of highly polished white gold.

Single diamonds in a piece of jewelry can also accentuate the artistic beauty and craftsmanship of the overall design. Take our 14kt White Gold Diamond Heart Cross necklace by Mystarar®i;, for example. The sparkling diamond centered within the heart and cross of polished gold adds extraordinary luminosity to this piece, making it even more spectacular and meaningful.

Solitaire Gemstones of All Kinds

Like the diamond, other precious and semi-precious gemstones stand out in gorgeous splendor when featured in solitaire styles. Let us help you explore their magnificence with superb choices in solitaires from Larson Jewelers.