Gold Tungsten Rings

Gold Tungsten Rings

The Gold Tungsten Rings Collection at Larson Jewelers brings the best of two amazing worlds together. Find durable, beautiful, affordable gold tungsten carbide rings in this collection that symbolize your marriage with an artistic union of two perfectly paired metals.

A Tale of Two Metals

One is the most scratch-resistant metal on Earth. The other is one of the most valuable metals known to man. Together, they create the perfect union of strength, durability and beauty. We use an innovative ion plating process to marry these superstars into sophisticated tungsten and gold wedding bands that have what it takes to go the distance. Our collection offers two-tone men's gold tungsten wedding bands for a traditional look that can handle the rigors of manual labor. Some selections are available in various widths, making matching gold tungsten wedding bands a possibility.

Modern or Classic Styles

The dynamic duality of gold tungsten rings carries through from their inner strength to their outer beauty. Clark Kent types choose the classic look of a yellow gold wedding band that conceals an inner superhero of tungsten carbide. Admirers of Kamala Khan - aka Ms. Marvel - might prefer the more modern style of a gold inlay or a newer finish, like sandblasted or wire brushed. Our collection includes a range of styles so you're sure to find the tungsten and gold wedding band that tells your story.

A Lifetime of Security

Larson Jewelers brings you a wide selection of high-quality jewelry from trusted manufacturers like Thorsten who offer lifetime warranties on gold tungsten carbide rings. That's part of the hassle-free shopping experience you'll find with us. Our experienced wedding band consultants never pressure and can answer all your questions in your quest for the perfect tungsten and gold wedding bands. Shipping is fast and free on all domestic orders, and custom engraving is done in-house, so it never delays an order. Find gold tungsten rings, solitaire engagement rings and bridal party gifts that are as unique as your love story at Larson Jewelers.