Gunmetal Tungsten Rings

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Gunmetal Tungsten Rings

The Gunmetal Tungsten Carbide Rings Collection at Larson Jewelers helps you save money without sacrificing style. Browse this collection for an array of smokey, sexy gunmetal tungsten rings for men and women who see the beauty in substance.

Durable Gunmetal Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant metal on Earth, second only to diamonds. That means our collection of gunmetal tungsten carbide rings is the place to find durable options that can stand up to hardworking hands. Our gunmetal tungsten rings maintain their gorgeous gleam no matter what dirty jobs you put them through. This metal is also hypoallergenic, making it great for people with allergies to nickel or other common jewelry metals.

Stylish Designs for Men and Women

Find men's and women's gunmetal tungsten rings in our collection that cover a range of style preferences. Whether it's simple and classic or bold and modern, our collection includes options for every taste. Choose a black sapphire-studded gunmetal gray with black tungsten ring for the sophistication of a tailored tuxedo or keep it subtle in a simple polished and domed band. Dress up any look with unique finishes like diamond facets or add custom engraving for a meaningful and personal touch.

Affordable Gunmetal Wedding Bands

You don't have to spend a fortune to have beautiful rings that symbolize your marriage. Our collection of gunmetal wedding bands includes price points for every budget, starting under $100. Find affordable options with laser engraved designs, real gold inlays and other fine details without overblown price tags. And unlike titanium, tungsten carries the weighty feel of gold for affordable wedding rings that never feel cheap.

Hassle-Free Online Jewelry Shopping

Find high-quality solitaire engagement rings, matching wedding band sets, rare Koa wood necklaces and more in a hassle-free shopping experience at Larson Jewelers. All our gunmetal tungsten carbide rings include a lifetime warranty that covers resizing and accidental damage replacement. Our experienced wedding band consultants answer all your questions with zero sales pressure, and all domestic orders ship fast and free.