Large And Thick Wedding Bands And Rings For Men

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Large And Thick Wedding Bands And Rings For Men

An ill-fitting ring is both unattractive and uncomfortable, particularly when it's too small. When buying a wedding band for a man with large hands or fingers, it's important that you purchase not only the right ring but also one that fits properly. At Larson Jewelers, we offer a range of large men's rings that are a suitable fit for big hands. In addition to the actual size, width is also a factor that must be considered when buying rings for men with bigger hands. Our rings are available in many styles and widths, making it easier to find the ideal wedding band for your husband-to-be.

When looking for large wedding rings, it is important that you know exactly what sizes are available and what size to order. Our rings can go up to size 16, which is based on the standard U.S. ring size system. This system is commonly used in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Depending on the specific ring, sizes larger than 16 may be made upon request. To help our customers who live outside of these areas find the appropriate ring size, we provide an international ring size conversion chart. Upon request, our customers can also order a free ring sizer kit to avoid ordering a ring that is too small. Width and thickness are also features that you'll want to take into consideration when buying a large-sized ring.

While ring width is ultimately a matter of personal preference, one that is too narrow can look overly small or awkward on a man who has large hands. On average, 8mm is the most common ring width for men. This width is the equivalent of four stacked nickels, about a quarter-inch. When searching for men's wide wedding bands, you'll find that we offer 10mm and 12mm as standard wide-width options. For our customers who prefer to buy a ring with even more width, we can potentially go as wide as 20mm upon request. Men's wide wedding bands are also thicker than narrower bands; however, the exact thickness of a ring depends on its manufacturer.

Our men's large wedding rings are made with the finest materials. As with all of our rings, our large wedding bands for men are made using precious metals such as palladium, platinum, silver, and yellow or white gold. Other options include alternative materials such as tungsten carbide, black ceramic, cobalt, and titanium. Each of these options has their own unique qualities that can help you make a decision on which best suits the man who will wear it. Tungsten rings, for example, are scratch-resistant and have a heaviness that men often appreciate. Gold rings, however, are more easily scratched but remain a traditional and popular choice for wedding bands.

Whether your man is casual, professional, or flashy, you'll find something to suit his lifestyle here at Larson Jewelers. Our online selection of men's thick wedding bands are comfortable and attractive, and although they are suitable for large hands, there's nothing large about their prices. At Larson Jewelers, our big men's rings come at prices that fit every budget. Browse our site today and place your order, or contact us for more information.