Men's Tungsten Rings

Life can be hectic sometimes, especially during the process of planning a wedding or anniversary event. Deciding on which wedding band to wear for the rest of your life may sound intimidating, but it shouldn't be. Below you will find great tips for choosing a men's wedding band and general information about men's wedding bands that can help guide you on your decision.

What width should a man wear?

There are no rules stating what the width of a mans wedding band should be, but men traditionally wear 8mm or greater band widths. 6mm and below is considered a thinner width and women often choose this width range because their tungsten wedding band can also be worn alongside their diamond engagement ring as well.

What colors do men like in their rings?

The color of anyone's wedding band ultimately comes down to what that person prefers, but their are many colors that are accepted as masculine. The top three colors that men like in their wedding bands are blue, black and green. Top choices for men that like the color blue would be the QUASAR, with a bright blue opal inlay and the DEVONIAN, an extremely unique dark blue/gray tone dinosaur bone inlay tungsten ring. Men that prefer dark and sexy black should take a look at our black tungsten rings or our ceramic rings. A top pick for those that love the color green would be the PULSAR, a vibrant blue/green tungsten ring or the ASPEN, a green carbon fiber inlay ring with a matching emerald gemstone setting.

What style of wedding band do men like?

Once again, the preferred style of a tungsten wedding band comes down to what the individual prefers, but their are many features of specific tungsten wedding band styles that are considered masculine. Carbon fiber is a great style choice for men and also comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Wood inlay rings are also a great choice and would fit perfectly for rugged men. Brushed rings such as the MERCURY or SHEFFIELD also offer a slight rugged feel to them and are spectacular choices for men.