Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands

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Tungsten Rings For Men

Durable men's tungsten wedding bands are perfect for the active guy. These scratch-resistant rings can stand up to wear and tear better than typical jewelry metals. In fact, tungsten and tungsten carbide are some of the hardest metals out there - they're harder than steel and titanium, and 10 times harder than gold.

Tungsten wedding bands
range in style from grey to black to wood inlay. They're also available in extra wide or flat styled designs. Opt for a band with diamonds, or choose a white tungsten ring - the same color as platinum or white gold - for a traditional look without the high price tag. These affordable wedding rings are less expensive than both gold and platinum.

Our tungsten rings for men are made with jewelry-grade tungsten carbide, and every ring comes with a lifetime warranty that covers accidental damage and size exchanges.