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10 Tips on How to be Photogenic on your Wedding Day

Be sure to let your photographer know what candid shots that you definitely want them to get.Always make sure you are surrounded by your closest friends so that you stay calm and relaxed.Plan on using natural lighting so that you can get the best photos possible.
As ladies, our wedding day is one of the most important days of our lives. We want to be able to remember every detail about the day that we say “I do.” Having great wedding photos is important, and looking our best in those photos is even more important. There are some simple tips and tricks so that you can look your best in all of your wedding photos on your big day. We want to look and feel beautiful when the cameras start clicking!Talk with your photographer It is extremely important to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page before your wedding day. Discuss the time frame of the day, the poses and the candid shots that you want. Your photographer needs to be in the know about what will happen and when during the whole day. Be sure to talk about what kinds of things make you uncomfortable when it comes to taking photos, as well as your expectations for your wedding photographs.Test your hair and makeup Have your makeup done exactly like you’re going to do it on your big day. Be sure to snap some photos in different lighting to make sure that it is not too light or too dark. You want to look like yourself, natural, yet stunning. Also, take some test shots of your hair so that you can get an idea of what it will look like in pictures. Keep in mind that a sleek, low bun is beautiful, but might make you look like you are missing your hair in a photo. Always try to have a bit of volume on the sides or on top, or wear a side swept style or an up-do so that you can see your hair from every angle.Practice your smile and poses It definitely feels silly, but practicing your smile in front of a mirror will help you to get a feel for the way you will look in your wedding photos. Once you find a smile that you like, remember how it feels so that you can duplicate it on your big day. Remember how open your eyes are, if your eyebrows are raised, and where your tongue is in your mouth. You’ll know exactly how to smile in all of your photos. Also, go over with your groom how you want to pose so that it feels natural on your day.Block out enough time There is always something unexpected that happens on your wedding day that may make you run a little late. Be sure that you allow plenty of time for the important things, including your photographs. Add a little cushion of time to your schedule so that you aren’t rushed and you are feeling relaxed. When the pictures are rushed, you could potentially see the frustration on your face.Check your lighting The key to a good photo is lighting. This will also help to set the mood for your pictures. Ambiance is definitely important, and you want to be able to see your faces in the pictures as you go through your wedding day. Be sure to consider your light sources before the big day. Also consider the time of day if you are having the ceremony or reception outside.Accentuate your smile When we smile, our lips can blend right into our face and disappear unless we wear lipstick. It will actually add dimension to your face. Be sure to choose a color that goes with the tone in your skin. Shades with a pink or blue undertone will make your teeth look whiter as well. Also, don’t forget blush, as it will give you cheekbones and color. Everyone wants to be a blushing bride!Flatter your face If you stand with your chin pulled inward, you’ll give yourself a double chin. To give yourself a more flattering angle, stick your chin out and move it downward. This way, you’ll have a prettier jawline and there will be no extra chins. It also forces you to look slightly upward and helps to open your eyes more. If you look straight at the camera lens, you run the risk of looking surprised, so try to look slightly above the lens during your photo sessions.Look thinner instantly Looking thinner in photographs is an option, depending on the way you stand. If you stand straight on, your body will look wide. Try turning your shoulders at a slight angle to make them appear narrow. You’ll want your waist to look thinner as well, so turn your body slightly as well, and stand on your back foot and slightly bend your front knee to make your hips look instantly smaller. Remember your angles when posing for your wedding photos. If you imagine that there is a string pulling on the top of your head while you keep your shoulders down, you will elongate your body, making you appear to have a better figure and will give you confidence as well.Smile perfection Staying relaxed will allow you to have your natural and most beautiful smile. The three-quarter smile is better than a full smile, as this may start to hurt, look fake and make your eyes squint. Smile gently so that you can hold your smile for the duration of the photo session and so that your pictures will show that you were relaxed and having a good time. Interact with your wedding party so that you can remain calm. Sometimes the best smiles are when you are laughing, so be sure to have your best friends and family members around to keep it light and fun.Relax and Have a Good Time The best pictures will depict wonderful memories, and you want those to be really great. It’s your day, and you will be breathtakingly beautiful, so be sure to relax and enjoy the day. There may be some unplanned things that happen, but take them in stride and remember that you have your favorite people around you to help pull off a special occasion. Work together with your photographer and help them successfully capture your wonderful wedding day.