12-12-12 Last Unique Engagement Date of the Millennium

An extremely popular day for couples everywhere to get engaged this year will be December 12, 2012, or 12-12-12. The all time most popular day to get married before was 07-07-07. No one is quite sure why people tend to want to get engaged on dates where the month, day and year are all represented by the same number.

Some believe it is the groom that prefers these types of dates to get engaged on, because the date is so simple to remember that there is no way they will ever forget their anniversary. Others believe because these dates are rare to come by, this must mean they are lucky dates. Just how rare are dates like 01-01-01, 02-02-02, 03-03-03, and up to 12-12-12? These dates come around every 1,000 years. If you think about when your next opportunity will be, you come to realize it is a very rare occurrence, indeed. So, people most likely want to get engaged on these types of dates because they are special and because they are lucky enough to be alive during these years. What’s even luckier is finding someone to fall in love with and get engaged to on this special day. Hmm, maybe these dates are lucky dates to get engaged on after all.

One might ask, but why would 12-12-12 be a more popular date then some of the other date where the month day and year are all the same number? Well, 12-12-12 is one of only 3 dates that are not in the single digits. More practically, 12-12-12 is during the holiday season when joy celebration is in the air, which makes it an even more enjoyable time of year. Proof of 12-12-12’s popularity as an engagement or wedding date can be seen in the number of Las Vegas hotels that offer “12-12-12 Wedding Packages”. Many of these hotels are already completely booked.

Whatever the reason you may have for wanting to get engaged or married on 12-12-12, LarsonJewelers.com would like to help by giving couples another reason to tie the knot. Between now and, you guessed it, 12-12-12, LarsonJewelers.com would like to give free engravings for couples who purchase rings from us so they can engrave this rare and unique date on their rings.

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