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12 Tips For A Winter Wonderland Wedding

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I am in the middle of planning a beautiful winter wedding for one of my best girlfriends. We have found that a winter wedding is quite different than your usual springtime or summer wedding preparations. There are a few things that you have to consider before you start planning your cold-weather-inspired nuptials. With a few considerations, you can have a wonderful wintertime wedding day, too!


Glitter isn't just for arts and crafts anymore. Find some great makeup that carries some shimmer in it to give you a little illumination instead of wearing flat foundation that may make your skin look dull. With the lighting, you need to look a bit more "sparkly." Shimmer can also be found in many eye shadows and lip colors, if you prefer to have just a touch of sparkle instead.

Stay Moisturized

Remember not to wear anything that will be too drying to your skin. Be extra-moisturized on your wedding day, since the air in the winter is more drying and you will be too busy to tend to reapplying lotions. Carry a lip moisturizer to put on under your lip color whenever you reapply throughout the night.


There are many options to make a gown or dress warmer. Choose matching jackets, shrugs, cardigans, capes, or stoles for you and your girls. Gloves will allow you to keep your hands and arms warm while being a very classy accessory. If possible, wear tights to stay warm. Boots will allow you to be able to safely walk without freezing your feet if you will be outside for your ceremony. They can also be very fashionable footwear.


There are some great venue ideas for your winter wedding. Try looking for something that is more intimate and will give guests a warmer feeling. A room with a fireplace or several fireplaces, a ski lodge, or a large open room with warm lighting will allow guests to feel warm on a cold winter's day. Using wintry décor can make a room seem more intimate as well.


During the winter, there is less daylight, so take this into consideration when you plan the time for your wedding ceremony and reception. Also, you will need to consider the time of day when you plan for your reception and the lighting that will be used throughout the evening. You may have to rely on regular light fixtures rather than having a solely candlelit room or only using stringed lights throughout the perimeter. These options may be more fitting for a spring or summertime wedding.

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When it comes to food at your reception, go with warmer dishes such as soups or stews. When it comes to drinks, try going with a spiced wine or eggnog. If you are planning on having a cocktail hour, perhaps you can go with something like espresso or hot cocoa instead. This way, your guests can warm up from their travel to your celebration. Instead of going with a classic cake topper, try a snow globe instead. This will be a fun and beautiful touch and will celebrate the wintertime.

Flowers and Décor

You can have a lot of fun with seasonal flowers and wintry décor. Going with richer colors for your flowers will help to make them look more wintry. Also, a metallic theme has a winter-type feel as well. Pale blues mixed with silvers and whites help give a cold-weather look to your décor. Roses, eucalyptus, crocus, stephanotis, lilies, and football mums are great choices. To brighten up your look, try pine and fresh holly berries. Other seasonal flowers for winter include poinsettia, camellia, ranunculus, amaryllis, bells of Ireland, sweet pea, and star of Bethlehem. Remember that ice sculptures are also great for easy winter wedding décor.

An ice luge is a great way to bring some fun to your wedding guests! Photo via


The outdoors, especially if you live in a cold-weather area that gets a lot of snow, can contain some great backgrounds for your photos. If you can, get pictures done right after a nice snow and near a wooded area when the snow will be glistening on the trees. A picturesque red barn with snow around is another great place for some wintry shots.


If you are looking for some ideas for wedding favors for guests at your reception, try some beautifully bunched candy canes, peppermints, or even spiced apple cider or hot cocoa mix. You could even have a nice warm throw for each family or a small wedding snow globe for guests to take home. If it's during the holidays, themed cookie cutters or tree ornaments are great to give out.


When it comes to winter, there is a lot of reason to consider the weather. Allow plenty of time for guests to get there, safely come in, be seated, and get comfortable. One of your first priorities is that Granny doesn't fall getting in to the ceremony. Take advantage of the venue's obligation to make the parking lots and walkways safe for all guests. Always make sure your guests will be able to be safe and warm.

Coat Check

If your reception allows, have a coat check for your guests. They don't want to fuss with their winter coats once inside your reception, so allow them the extra room and take away the hassle of dealing with their coats at their tables.


If you are on a budget and having your wedding right before the holidays, take advantage of the décor that many venues and churches will already have out and on display. Many venues will be decorated with lights, poinsettias, greenery, and wreaths, and this will cut down on the flowers and décor that you may have to provide. Some venues may have holiday table décor as well.