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15 Tips to Make the Best of a Rainy Wedding Day

Wedding guests and the wedding party carry umbrellas as the beautiful wedding still takes place in the rain.

Who ever said that your wedding day would be ruined if it rains? Actually, many folks believe that the opposite is completely true. Some believe that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day, because if nothing goes according to planned on that day, your actual marriage will be lucky. Well, there are some great ways to cope with rain on your wedding day. You can have a beautiful ceremony and reception regardless of what is falling from the sky outside. Here are some tips to help you deal with the weather and make the best of a rainy wedding day.

Image provided by Peter Lorenz (Flickr) Image provided by Peter Lorenz (Flickr)

Boots and Umbrellas

If the weatherman is calling for rain on your big day, cope by getting some cute rain boots to match your wedding colors. You may even choose to have them monogrammed. For a snazzy effect, order matching umbrellas for the bridal party to carry. If you luck out and the rain doesn't fall, you can always return the umbrellas after the wedding day.


When applying your makeup, make it last for the duration of the day. After applying a light moisturizer, put on a primer that will prepare your skin. Use a waterproof or water resistant makeup. An airbrush makeup wears well and has staying power. Translucent powder will take away any moisture or shine on the surface of the skin. Make sure that all of your eye makeup is waterproof as well. Always remember to pat your face if it gets wet, and not to wipe, as you'll remove your makeup. It might be a good idea to have your makeup artist stay for the duration of your ceremony and reception in case you need a touch up.


When it comes to your hair, use a humidity resistant products and moisture resistant hairspray. Dry shampoo is a great way to give your hair texture and body without using heavy products. This may counteract any moisture in the air that will cause hair to fall flat. Try to have your hair dresser stay for the ceremony as well, in case your hair needs a touch-up, too.

Windows of Time

Remember that you have several opportunities, or windows of time, to take your photographs. Occasionally rain may only fall for an hour or two, so you can wait for another opportunity for the sun to come out in order to get your pictures taken. If you aren't able to take your pictures before the ceremony, you may have time to take them during the cocktail hour. If that doesn't work, you may have to sneak away to take them during the reception for a few minutes - your guests will understand.

Be Flexible

If you do have to maneuver your pictures around to avoid the rain, be sure to stay flexible. Talk to the DJ and caterer beforehand to work out the details just in case you have to switch up the order for the evening. If it means pushing back your cake cutting or your first dance by a half hour or so, so be it. This is your day to celebrate, so it doesn't really matter what time everything takes place.

Hire a Creative Photographer

A good photographer will know what to do if there is impending rain. They should have some great ideas for pictures when it is pouring outside. You should always discuss this ahead of time and hire a photographer that you trust. A good shutterbug can use natural lighting to make raindrops look like sparkles in the background. With a few artsy locations and cozy angles, a rainy day wedding photograph can look even more beautiful and intimate.


When choosing an outdoor location for your wedding, reception or pictures, try to find a nearby building with windows. This will provide adequate shelter with good lighting in case of rain. In this case, shooting in the rain may not even be an issue.

Make a Plan B

If you are using a location that is susceptible to being rained out, be sure to have a plan B in place. If there is rain in the forecast, you can switch it up just hours before the ceremony. Tweets, emails, texts and phone calls can be made to give your guests the heads-up to head over to the alternate location.

Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is never a bad idea. If you are planning your wedding during hurricane season, you might just benefit from having your wedding day covered. It is a shame to lose out on all of your wedding day plans simply because of Mother Nature. If she rears her ugly head, you can simply and easily move the date or move the location without as much hassle.

Wedding Planners

If the weather is unpredictable during the season around your wedding day, it may benefit you to hire a wedding planner. They have lots of experience with weddings and rain and having to work with both at the same time. They know how to rearrange a timeline and also a location to make it better fit your wedding needs. You'll have less to worry about if it rains on your wedding day if you are using a wedding planner.

Bring Towels

When there is rain on your wedding day, you can simply prepare for it and everything could potentially turn out just fine. Carry towels to your wedding photo location. If it stops raining, or it had rained earlier in the day, you can simply wipe down benches, fences or handrails that might be wet.

Natural Lighting

The rain is not as important as the lighting for your wedding pictures. Regardless of the cloud cover outside, newer and more professional cameras are very light sensitive and can take perfectly well-lit pictures even when it isn't sunny and bright outside. It isn't necessary to worry about how your pictures will turn out, as there will most-likely be adequate lighting for your photo session.

Remember What It's All About

Your wedding photos are supposed to capture your special day and the emotion that goes along with it. Don't let the rain be a damper on the best day of your life. Your photographer will concentrate on the way you look, your emotions, your expressions and your love. What they won't focus on is the rain and the weather.

photo from pinterest photo from pinterest

Family and Friends

Every bride must remember that the reason they are there is to devote their lives to one another in front of family and friends. Everyone is gathered together to witness your love, while no one is really paying any attention to the weather. Everyone at your wedding loves and cares about you and your spouse. Remember this when it's time to say "I do," even in the pouring rain.


Take it easy and relax on your big day. Take it all in and do not let the weather be a downer in your photographs or all through your wedding day. It isn't a day to be upset about something you can't control.

Remember that even on a rainy wedding day, you will still marry your best friend, and you'll still be surrounded by all of your favorite people. Be sure to have a wonderful experience. Even though it may not be a clear and sunny day, it will be a wonderful day that you'll remember for a long time and for all the right reasons.